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Part 27

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Austin and I were sitting on the couch being interviewed. We were hand in hand.

''So Kayla, what's it like being pregnant so young?''

''Well it's been pretty tough with Austin being on tour. But if you take care of yourself and the baby it makes it so much easier.''

''Yeah. So when's the due date?''

''August 11!'' Austin said happily.

''Are you ready to be parents?''

''I think we are. I'm really excited about it too.'' Austin said. He was too cute.

''Yeah I am. We also have Michele who already has been amazing to us with her advice. And I think Austin will be an amazing father!''

''Aww you guys are so cute!''

''So do you regret getting pregnant?''

''Yes a little because we're so young but I'm also excited to have a baby! I also want to inspire people with my story and everything that's happened.''

''People love you Kayla and they do look up to you!'' The interviewer said.

...............More questions...............

''Thank you Austin and Kayla and congrats on the baby!'' The interviewer said.

We walked of the set.

''Good job!'' Michele said.

''Thanks!'' We said.

...2 weeks later...

The past two weeks we just had interviews and went to shows. I had a lot of fun and liked having Austin always with me. It was harder for me to get around now and I really needed Austin 24/7 which he was there. Michele has also been a huge help. We had a baby shower yesterday after we came back and we got lots of good stuff for the baby. We had a room already picked out for the baby and we painted it green, that could work for a girl or a boy. The due date was just a week away and we were anxious. I tried calling my parents last week to see if they wanted to come up and see me and the baby, but they didn't answer.

Today I got a text from my mom saying she was sorry about everything and that she would come visit in a couple of days.

She said my dad wanted nothing to do with the baby. I was a little sad but I had Austin, the crew, Michele and Todd all there to support me and Michele and Todd were like my parents since I saw them almost everyday.

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