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Part 89

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The car ride to the airport was silent. I was in Austin's arms. After an hour we arrived at the airport, we got out of the car and Austin took my hand. We walked trying to avoid the fans and paparazzi. We finally reached boarding and ti was time to say goodbye. I was already crying. Austin turned to me and put his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

''Babe we'll get through this! We've been through so much together and this is nothing. Okay I promise I'll come back. I love you.'' He says kissing my forehead.

''I know but at least you're not confused and in a few days I'll be back in school, the same Nash goes to.'' I say crying.

''Babe don't worry about it everything will be okay.'' He says and hugs me.

''I'm sorry. I love you Austin, please don't forget me.'' I say.

''I won't how could I?'' He says laughing. I smile.

''Just promise me even if you date Nash just don't forget me.'' He says crying.

''I won't. I love you so much.'' I say.

''I love you too babe, call and skype me everyday.'' He says kissing my cheek.

''Stop teasing and kiss me already.'' I say laughing.

''I just didn't know if you-'' I cut him off and kiss him. I pull back smiling.

''I'm gonna miss that.'' He says.

''I'll mis you.'' I say.

''C'mon let's go.'' Michele says.

''Bye.'' I say quietly. He nods and hugs me and pecks me on the lips again. I hug Alex and cry in his arms now.

''ALex why do you have to go.'' I whine.

''So I can make sure Austin doesn't do anything stupid and Sarah's here to make sure you don't.'' He says.

''Shut up!'' I say and playfully slap him. He just laughs.

''Please don't let him forget me.'' I say.

''He won't I promise and don't forget him and go date Nash and forget everything you had.''

''I'll try not to. Bye ALex I love you.'' I say.

''Bye Kay I'll miss you. Stay strong and Sarah and Lexi are here for you okay?'' I nod.

''FLIGHT 5463 IS NOW BOARDING.'' Austin and Alex start walking away.

''AUstin.'' I manage to get out. He turns around sadly. I run into his arms one last time.

''I'm sorry.'' I say and he looks confused then I walk with Michele back to the car.

''So I see you and Austin made up.'' Mechele says in the car.

''Yeah this morning we did. I'm so confused though. Like do I wait seven months for Austin or I date Nash because I know he'll be here for me and never leave. I love them both and I'm jus confused right now.'' I say.

''Follow your heart.'' She says.

''I can tell Austin is your son he said that too.'' I say and laugh.

''I raised him right.'' She laughs. ''But seriously go with your heart and if that means dating Nash to see who you really love do it.''

''I know but I feel like I'm letting AUstin down and cheating on him.'' I say.

''It's your choice sweetie.'' She says as we pull up to our house. I run inside and run to Lexi's room. She's lying down facing the other way with her head phones so I jump on the bed landing next to her. She pulls out her headphones.

''Hey Kay how are you holding up?'' She asks.

''Not good. But I think I know what I'm going to do.'' I say. I don't know if my decision is the right one but I hope it leads my heart in the right direction.

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