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Part 23

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I woke up to the sun shining through my curtains. No morning sickness so far. I'm not exhausted. I feel amazing. I got up and stretched my arms and went into the bathroom. I washed my face and did my makeup. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. I then went into my closet to pick out an outfit. I found a cute maxi that made me look skinnier. And I chose some cute sandals to go with it. I went back into the bathroom and curled my hair. I finished and sprayed some of my favorite pink perfume on and went downstairs.
Michele was making french toast and eggs for everyone. Sarah and the boys would be coming soon then at 12 we would leave and pick up Austin and Alex finally. I was nervous yet excited. Thousands of thoughts running through my head:

This will be awkward

What's going to happen

Will he want me back

Where will I go

What am I going to do when I'll see him

I just put my head in my hands as I sat at the table waiting for breakfast. I couldn't take this anymore. Crazy hormones and a crazy life! I felt someone hug me.
''Sweetie I know this is hard. But everything will work and it will fall into place you just have to let happen.'' Michele said giving her amazing advice as always.
''I know and thanks for the advice!'' I said not moving from my previous position. I just laid there and tried to calm my thoughts. I heard the door open and close but I ignored it. Then I felt someone begin to rub my shoulders which I must say felt amazing! But not as good as when Austin would run my shoulders. Ugh I need to stop thinking about him! I told myself.
''It's okay Kayla if anything happens we're always be here for you.'' Robert said. He was the one rubbing my back.
''I know it's just gonna be so awkward with everything that's happened but I just wanna jump in his arms and kiss him! I'm just so confused!'' I felt a tear form in my eyes.
''Ugh hormones!'' I screamed and ran out of the house with my purse in my hand. I got into my car which was Austin's Range Rover since I still didn't have my own car. I just sat there and thought for a second then started driving. I wasn't thinking about where I was going I just drove and before I knew it I was at the airport. I guess this is where I wanted to be. I wasn't sure though I was just so confused with heart and my gut and what they were telling me to do.
I was sitting in a seat zoned out just thinking.
''Is everything alright sweetie? I know that look. Your heart is aching and you're confused about everything.'' I looked over. A lady in her 20s or early 30s was there.
''You're exactly right.'' I said trying my best to smile.
''Tell me about it. We both have time I'm sure. My sister's flying in on the last flight.''
''So is my boyfriend or ex boyfriend I don't even know what to call it!'' I said.
''Well we have a while. Maybe I can help you?''
''That would be nice.''
''So this is about your boyfriend that's flying in right now?''

''Yes it is.'' I said sadly.

''Wait a second I'm gonna start over a little bit. My name is Jenna.''

''Oh yeah sorry, I'm Kayla! Nice to meet you.'' I said laughing a little bit.

''Okay so tell me about your boyfriend!'' She said getting excited.

''Well his name's Austin. We were together for almost a year then I got pregnant, he totally support me but he's a singer so a few weeks later he had to go on tour. I haven't seen him since...'' I told her the whole story.

''Wow! So his name's Austin? Like Austin Mahone??'' She asked.

''Yeah, you know about him?''

''Yeah, my sister is his vocal coach!'' She said.

''Well once when he was on tour I thought Austin was cheating on me with her! Haha.''

''Oh yeah. Well here's some advice for your relationship. You obviously love him a lot so try hard and work out your relationship!''

''But it will be so awkward when I first see him.''

''It will be fine, just let it happen.''

''Ugh stupid hormones! My life is so crazy and I'm always so confused sometimes I just wish I wasn't here!'' I said.

''No you don't cuz I'm here!'' A voice said.

I jumped up.

''Alex!'' I practically screamed.

''Yeah I missed you too but there's someone more important waiting for you over there.'' Alex said moving his head. I looked in that direction until my eyes met the saddest person alive. Austin. His head was down. I could tell he had been crying. He didn't look all happy and his normal self. He slowly looked up and our eyes met.

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