Part 55

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''I thought you guys loved me? Obviously not! If you loved me you wouldn't have said all that sh*t to my girlfriend she didn't do anything to deserve this! I thought you guys were different...'' He was talking to the Mahomies and he was pissed. I just kept crying and I couldn't stop.

''I'm gonna go.'' He said sadly and slammed his laptop shut. I heard something hit the wall and I knew he was beyond pissed.

He walked in the bathroom and sat down next to me.

''Babe don't listen to them, you know I love you and would never use you and I know you're the best and there's nothing better than having you.'' He whispered.

''I know it just hurts to know that people would say that.'' I said in between crying.

''I'm here it's okay.''

''I'm here for you too, I don't want you to feel like you just have to worry about me and you can just hide your feelings.'' I said feeling bad.

''I'm staying strong for you and I hope you know I just threw my phone at the wall because I was so mad so I wasn't hiding my feelings.'' He said laughing.

''Austin!'' I said.

''What? I was mad!''

''That doesn't mean you have to crack your phone, it's not that big of a deal anyways.''

''You're crying it's obviously a big deal.''

''Yeah it just hurts to know that's what they think of me! Maybe you do deserve better.'' I said putting my head in my hands again.

''Do not say that!'' He said tilting my chin up so we made eye contact.

''I just did!'' I said messing with him.

''Stop doing that! If I could run right now I would chase you around the house.'' He said laughing.

''My favorite!'' I said getting up.

''Too bad you can't catch me!'' I yelled as I ran away.

''Not fair!'' He yelled back.

''Sounds pretty fair to me!'' I yelled back.

I went into the kitchen and turned music on really loud and got out some candy. I was ready to party with Austin.

Austin slowly walked in and looked at me funny.

''Ready for a party or two?'' I sang.

''Uhh sure.'' He said debating. I put banga banga on and start singing.

''Let me get it, shoot shoot shoot...'' I sang loudly.

''I'm on Brad Pitt come and be my future Angelina!'' He sang to me holding out his hand. I gladly took it and we danced and sang the rest of the night. I noticed Austin was getting tired.

''Babe, ready for bed?'' I asked.

''No I'm fine.'' He lied.

''Don't lie to me.''

''Why would I lie?'' He said smirking.

''C'mon Austy you're tired!'' I said grabbing his hand and leading him to bed. He sat on the bed and I started changing. Austin just sat and watched, then he whistled.

''Like what you see?'' I asked smirking.

''Hell yeah I do!'' He said smirking back. He was so hot.''

''Well too bad you can't see it anymore.'' I said and walked into the bathroom to wash off all my makeup and brush my teeth. I finished and walked back into our room. Austin was now in his boxers on our bed waiting for me. I crawled into bed and so did Austin and we cuddled with me laying my head in his chest and him with his arms wrapped around my waist.

''Are you feeling any better?'' I asked Austin.

''Yeah much better and this party of two we had tonight was fun!'' He said laughing.

''It was, we'll have to do it again.''

''Totes!'' He said like a girl.

''You're so weird!'' I said laughing.

''But I'm your weirdo!'' He said.

''And I'm your's!'' I said.

''You're my princess!''

''You're my prince!''

''So I went from your weirdo to your prince?'' He asked suspiciously.

''Yes.'' I said innocently.

''You're so cute!'' He said.

''I know.'' I said cockily messing with him.

''Well then! I'm sorry again for what the Mahomies said.''

''I'm sorry too.'' I said.

''Once I cool off from all this I'll talk to them.''

''Aww thanks baby!''

''Anything for my princess!''

''I love you Austy!'' I said.

''I love you beautiful!'' He said taking me back to our first date.

''Oh the memories!'' I said.

''I loved that!'' He said.

''So did I!'' I said.

''Night baby!'' He said kissing my forehead.

''Night Austy!'' I said pecking him on the lips.

''What if I'm not good enough for you and the Mahomies are right?'' I mumbled into his chest.

''Stop saying that!'' Austin said.

''But what if it's true!'' I said.

Austin got up and left.

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