being trans by imjustanimetrasht
being trans by imjustanimetrash
this isn't so much as a story as my journal of what it's like being a trans guy (or rants) [highest ranking: #1 in non-fiction]
Cover Tricks (According to me)  by Spitefullyt
Cover Tricks (According to me) by Spitefully
In which I attempt to show and explain to my followers how to make super easy covers that look really hard and creative (but aren't.) #1- in NON FICTION- Highest rankin...
A Life Wasted by RebeccaEBoydt
A Life Wasted by RebeccaEBoyd
WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award! With national focus on Islamic terrorism, few noticed when "Domestic Terrorist" Clayton Waagner was added to the FBI's Ten Most W...
Trans*lation by _HumHallelujah_t
Trans*lation by _HumHallelujah_
Support and Advice book for transgender men/ boys / FtMs etc. [Highest Rank so far: #2 in non fiction] Cover by @GrungeCastiel [Rowan] WARNING***** *I am not a profe...
Bio by -uhmario-t
Bio by -uhmario-
I'll slay all these fake bitches |#4 non-fiction, 11/9/16|
Bio by -Emo_Wolf-t
Bio by -Emo_Wolf-
Book Cover Tips by martymxflyt
Book Cover Tips by martymxfly
in which i, karla decides to help the fellow wattpaders → number eight in non-fiction! (as of november 1 2016) ← [picsart and pixlr website tu...
life lesson // rants by dreamsthievest
life lesson // rants by dreamsthieves
what else are you young for? hurt whilst you can
the 1975. by badlandiest
the 1975. by badlandies
❝don't you mind? don't you mind?❞ spam & rants bc i love to burden ppl wit my problems.
How to be popular on Wattpad✔️ by -christmaslightst
How to be popular on Wattpad✔️ by -christmaslights
Happy to help you amazing people become amazinger! Highest ranking #10 in nonfic. 29.10.16-12.11.16
The Quirky Tale of Me by killingmesoftly__t
The Quirky Tale of Me by killingmesoftly__
This is just a lame excuse of an autobiography. I will reveal parts of myself here as well as do the tags instead of placing them in my stories. Warning - Once you ent...
Roman Reigns ↪ Facts  by anoai-t
Roman Reigns ↪ Facts by anoai-
Facts about the mf guy Roman Reigns Highest Rank #15 in nonfiction
How to Write Fiction by EliciaHydert
How to Write Fiction by EliciaHyder
I am an Amazon bestselling author and (former) editor, and I love helping other writers improve their craft. This book began as the "Writing Tips & Tricks" thread over...
Boy Friend (On Going) by Bungaapriyanit
Boy Friend (On Going) by Bungaapriyani
Tak ada yang tau seberapa jauh jika angin laut membawaku berlayar.
[✿] Eleanor Calder by RealEleanorCaldert
Seth Rollins ↪ facts by anoai-t
Seth Rollins ↪ facts by anoai-
Facts about the mf man Seth Rollins Highest Rank #45 in nonfiction
This is what it takes (JhoBea) by YnneDGreatt
This is what it takes (JhoBea) by YnneDGreat
When you met someone that brings something in your life,when you feel something different for him/her.But sometimes we think when we met someone they will be always by y...
Book Covers | Open by babydauhlst
Book Covers | Open by babydauhls
Book Covers by Maybelline & Skylar (rauhlgarden and skybaexox)! Rules and more information in the 01 chapter. All fandoms accepted, of course!