Part 110

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He raised an eyebrow at me confused.

''It's a surprise now come with me.'' I said winking.

''Nooooo please tell me.'' He whined.

''Stop being a baby you do this to me all the time.'' I said walking back to the hotel.

''Please.'' He begged with the cutest puppy face.

''Even though that face is tempting. No.'' I said sternly. We got back and I got the keys to the rental car and I hopped in the drivers seat and Austin next to me. The drive to where we were going was about an hour away.

''How long will it take to get there?'' Austin asked.

''Awhile so shut up.'' I said and turned on the radio. He turned it down and I slapped his hand.

''C'mon Kayla.''

''Shut up Austin and just go along with this.'' I said.

''Fine.'' He said slouching back into his seat.

''Now when we get there I have some clothes for us to change into.'' I said smirking.

''Ooh I like where this is going.'' He said smirking back. I slapped his arm.

''Not that you dumb ass.'' I laughed. He chuckled.

''Fine.'' He said laughing. I turned up the radio again and Timber was on.

''It's going down I'm yelling timber you better move you better dance let's make a night you won't remember...'' I sang.

''Swing your partner round and round end of the night it's going down one more shot another round end of the night it's going down...'' Austin joined with me. The song ended and we just laughed. The rest of the ride was just like this.

''Okay I'm parking a few blocks down so it's still a surprise but we need to change now.'' I said.

''Okay.'' He sad. We ran into a nearby shop and I changed into the outfit I had picked out. It was a black tank, jeans shorts and pink converse and Austin had a black tank too with some gray/black vans. They were the shirts I had gotten us a while back when we were dating. He walked out of the bathroom chuckling.

''Remember these?'' I asked.

''You bet I do.'' He said.

''Okay let's start walking.'' I said. We walked side by side in silence.

''Are you serious?!'' Austin shouted as we neared the place.

''Yeah shhh Austin you have to be quiet if you want to sneak in.'' I said to him.

''We are not sneaking in.'' He said shaking his head.

''Austin it's gonna be a time we'll never forget so get your ass over here we're sneaking in.'' I said walking over to a gate.

''Kayla we're gonna get caught it's freaking...''

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