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Part 122

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The two weeks later in LA are up. We finished the video and it's out now. We're all in New York for good morning America and Austin's performing Mmm Yeah for the first time then we're staying a few days for valentines day for an interview.

I woke up early today for Austin's good morning America performance. Today I wore a warm outfit because it was freezing in New York in fact there was still snow on the ground. I curled my hair and did my makeup then woke Austin up.

''Babe Wake up.'' I said kissing him. He groaned.

''C'mon you have your performance soon.'' I said.

''One more hour.'' He whined.

''Austin c'mon.'' I said getting annoyed.

''Only if I get a kiss.'' He said.

''Fine c'mon babe.'' I said and he immediately sat up revealing his cute face and his cute morning hair. I leaned over and kissed him.

''We should have a snowball fight today.'' Austin suggested.

''Yes!'' I said excitedly.

*After the performance.*

Austin did amazing at his GMA perfomance. His dance moves are hot tbh. He even sang Pitbull's rap part of the song.

''How did I do?'' Austin came up to me and kissed me.

''Amazing as always.'' I said kissing him. He smiled.

''Ready for that snowball fight?'' He asked smirking.

''Of course! Let's go!'' I said. He Grabbed my hand and we walked over with Sarah and Alex and we walked over to a small nearby park. I ran ahead picked up some snow and through it at Austin. Hitting him right in the face. He stood shocked then he turned around mad. I laughed really hard.

''Babe you're gonna pay for this.'' He said. I ran away from him because I knew he would chase me. He caught up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and I tried running away but he wouldn't let go.

''You won't get away from me babe.'' He whispered in my ear. I smirked and tickled him causing him to let go. I started running but one of his arms caught me and we both fell to the ground in the snow. I laughed but it was really cold.

''Now you're the one who's gonna pay Austin.'' I said laughing.

''Whatever.'' He smirked and crawled on top of me.

''Babe we're in a park.'' I said pushing him off.

''Sooo.'' He said and kissed me.

''Soooooo stop.'' I said seriously.

''Eww get a room!" Alex yelled and I laughed. Austin got up and helped me up then we all walked back to the hotel.

*Next day*

''So tomorrow's valentines day.'' Austin said smirking.

''Yeah.'' I smiled. We were cuddling on the couch in our hotel room. Today we weren't doing anything just relaxing and enjoying each others company.

''I have a big surprise for you.'' He whispered.

''But Austin you have your interview then you're taking some girls to dinner, you won't have time.'' I said trying not to sound upset.

''Babe don't worry I'll make time I wouldn't miss this for the world.'' He said and I smiled and kissed him. I Wonder what the surprise is. But I mean it's Austin so there's no way to tell.

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