Part 45

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We were now back in Miami, and Austin and I decided we should by our own place since we have a child and were getting married soon. It was sad to move out of the house that everyone lived in but it would be nice to have some space.

Today we were going to look at houses and condos. Austin and Carter were wearing matching Jordans and they looked so cute! I was lazy and just wore sweats, uggs and a Trukfit sweatshirt.


''Babe this is perfect!'' Austin said. We were looking at a 3 bedrooms condo on the beach that was big and beautiful inside. It was perfect for our family. There was enough room for guests and bedrooms were big and the condo was big enough that we wouldn't get sick of eachother.

''Yes I love it so much!'' I said hugging Austin and kissing Carter on the cheek.

''So do you guys want to make an offer?'' Our real-estate agent asked us. We looked at eachother with huge smiles and nodded.

''Yes we do!'' Austin said.

''Okay just sign here!'' Our agent said.

Austin handed a sleeping Carter to me and signed the papers.


''I can't believe we just bought a condo!'' I said excitedly. We were on our way to have dinner with everyone before we would start pacing the next day and hopefully be moved in by the next week.

''I know this is crazy! I love you babe!'' He said. Our hands were intertwined.

''I love you too!'' I said.


It's been two days since we bought the condo and we've been packing up our things. It's been pretty stressful because we have Carter, things to pack, furniture to buy, Austin has to go to the studio to practice and we both have homeschooling to make up. Homeschooling will soon be over because we are about to take the test that lets us graduate early. I just put Carter down for a nap and decided to watch TV since we have had no alone time at all and right now Austin was at the studio and everyone else was out running errands. I turned the TV on and before I knew it I was asleep.

''Babe wake up.'' Austin said kissing my cheek.

''Hey! How was it at the studio?'' I asked.

''It was alright. We still have a lot to pack babe, let's go work on it.'' He said.

''No come cuddle with me!'' I said.

''C'mon if we want to move in to the condo and be less stressed we need to pack!'' He said seriously.

''I've been packing all day and it's nice to just relax!'' I said.

''I know but we don't have time to relax!'' Austin said getting angry.

''Okay whatever, I'm gonna go get Carter and start dinner, you can pack.'' I said

''Whatever!'' He said. I walked up and got Carter who was still very sleepy. I then went downstairs and started dinner.


''Do you want to help me pack now?'' Austin asked. I had just finished doing the dishes and all I wanted to do was sleep.

''Ugh do we have to?'' I asked like a little kid.


''We've been packing all day can't we do it tomorrow?'' I asked whining again.

''No! Kayla all you do is lay around doing nothing while I'm making all this money to provide us!'' Austin yelled.

''I've been packing all day taking care of Carter, making your meals, and cleaning the house! What else do you want me to do?!'' I yelled back.

''I don't know maybe help me out here!''

''Austin I don't want to do this right now, I'm going to bed!'' I said. I grabbed Carter and went upstairs. I decided to not sleep in our room cuz it's always awkward when Austin and I are fighting. I went to the guest bedroom and fell asleep.

''Kayla.'' Austin said shaking me.

''What?'' I said groaning.

''Come to bed with me.''

''No, not after the way you treated me.'' I said.

''Fine, I'm going to bed.'' He said giving up. I couldn't sleep after that. I was thinking about what Austin said. ''You never do anything I'm the one making all this money to provide for you.'' He was right, I should be doing something too. I started crying.

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