Part 129

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''It's fine but what's wrong?'' I asked.

''I'll tell you later. Let me shower and change and we'll go to lunch before the concert.'' He said kissing me.

''Okay I'm gonna go get ready tehn.'' I said and he nodded. I went to the tour bus and pickedt out a cute but casual dress and some sandals. I fixed up my makeup and curled my hair. Then I sprayed myself with perfume and went back to the dressing room.

''What's wrong with him?'' Sarah asked.

''I don't know he's taking me to lunch and then he'll tell me. I have no clue what it could be about.'' I said.

''Yeah don't worry about it everything will be okay.'' She said and I nodded.

''Ready to go babe?'' Austin asked coming out all freshened up. I nodded and we headed out. The car ride was silent. It wasn't awkward though. I could tell he was mad. I was actually worried about him. We got to the restaurant, sat down and ordered.

''So babe what's going on?'' I asked. He took my hands in his.

''It's my mom. She's not happy that you know you thought you were pregnant.'' He said.

''But she acted totally fine with it.'' I said.

''Yeah well she was pissed with me. She said I'm going to ruin my career if it happens too soon again and she says we shouldn't do it before marriage. Typical mom.'' He said Rolling his eyes.

''Austin it's fine, everything will be okay.'' I said. He just shook his head.

''That's the thing though it will but why does my mom care. We're eighteen she can't control my life forever.'' He said getting angry.

''Babe you have to see where she's coming from though you're her only child and you're growing up so fast.'' I said he nodded.

''I know, there's one more thing but I can't tell you.'' He said looking down.

''Why not?'' I asked.

''Because I just can't, maybe I'll tell you later but I need to talk to Alex first.'' He said and I nodded. We got our food and ate and made small talk then headed back to the arena for his concert in a couple hours.

Austin's POV

I was pissed at my mom.


''Austin you can't keep doing this with her you're 18 you're too young!'' She yelled.

''Mom I'm 18. I make my own décisions. Plus I want to propose to her over the summer anyways it won't matter. We're meant to be!'' I argued.

My plan was to propose to her on top of the Eiffel Tower this summer when I'm takinf her for our anniversary.

''Austin listen I know you love each other and I love both of you very much. But I think 18 is too young to get married.'' She said.

''Mom I make my own choices now you can't make this one for me.'' I yelled and slammed the door.

I saw where she was coming from. I was mostly mad though because my mom wasn't supporting my decision. I always want my mom's support and when I don't get it usually then I know that choice isn't right. This one's different though. I know this is the best decision I'm ever going to make. Why can't she see that? I want to be able to call Kayla mine forever.

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