Part 8

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Today was Todd and Michele's wedding! I was sooo excited! I was a bridesmaid as well as Lexi and Bella and two of Michele's friends. Austin, Zach, Alex and Robert were groomsmen. The wedding was in an hour.

All the bridesmaids were wearing lavendar floor length dresses. They were gorgeous! We all had our hair curled and makeup done by professional stylists.

Austin and I were still dating! Lexi and Jake were still dating too and Bella was still single and still had a crush on Zach! Zach likes her too but hasn't told her yet. He wants her to wait a little bit before getting back in a relationship. The crew, Jake and us girls had been hanging out alot lately and had become really close friends.

*After wedding/at reception*

The reception was at the beach. It was a little after 6 so it was perfect! We would see the sunset and it couldn't get any better!

All the bridesmaids and groomsmen were at the gate where all the guests would be entering to greet the guests. I went and stood by Austin.

''You look beautiful babe!'' Austin said giving me a hug and kissing me.

''Thanks! You look pretty hot too tonight!''

''Of course I do!'' He said and winked.

Zach and Bella were talking hopefully flirting! Well Balla was blushing so we were guessing they were.

''Look at Zach and Bella!'' I said.

''They just need to date already!'' Austin said.

''Yeah! I see why they aren't since Bella just got out of a relationship but still!''

''Yeah I know what you mean.''

''It's been almost a month so maybe soon.''

''Yeah hopefully! Then we'll need to find Robert a girlfriend!'' Austin said.

''Well I have some friends here!''

''Good! Are they hot?''

''I'm your girlfriend! Don't ask that!''

''I'm just kidding!''

''Haha sure whatever!'' I said then walked over to Robert to talk to him.

''Hey Robert!''

''Hey!'' He said giving me a hug.

''So since soon when we got on tour you'll be the only single one I have some friends I want to introduce you to later!''

''Yeah that's gonna be awkward!''


''So who are those friend?'' He said.

''You can sit with them at dinner I'll introduce you to them then or if they come before we leave the gate. But their names are...''

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