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Part 24

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I swear time stopped as our eyes slowly met. Just like the first time we met. I got that feeling I always get. I slowly started walking towards him and before I knew it I was running and I was in his arms crying.

''Don't cry baby!'' He whispered.

''Well maybe if I didn't miss you so much and you didn't look so sad I wouldn't be crying.'' I said with a little laugh.

''Well if I wasn't worries about you so much I wouldn't be so sad.'' He whispered back.

''Shut up I'm fine!''

''Well...'' And before he could finish I kissed him. We were in the middle of the airport making out and it was perfect.

''God! I missed you so much!!'' I said.

''I missed you too! Tell me everything later.'' He said. He grabbed my hand and we started walking back towards everyone else.

''Well I'm glad that went well!'' Jenna said.

''Thanks so much Jenna!'' I said hugging her then I introduced her to everyone else and we gave eachother our numbers.

''Call me sometime and we can hangout!'' She said.

''I will!''


''Let's go get some dinner and talk this over.'' Austin said after we got home and got settled and talked with everyone.

''Sounds goo to me! Tomorrow everyone should hang out with us!'' I said.

''Perfect!'' He said. I went upstairs to get ready. I just touched up my makeup and went back downstairs.

''I missed you so much Kayla!'' Alex said hugging me.

''Glad you missed her more than me!'' Sarah said jokingly.

''Later you'll see how much I've missed you!'' He said winking.

''We don't need anymore babies! One will be enough!'' Sarah said.

''Missed you too!'' Alex said back joking. I loved there relationship they were so cute and just perfect.

''I hope you two get married!'' I said.

''I hope you and Austin get married!'' Sarah said.

''First we have to work everything out!'' I said.

''You will don't worry! And if not I'm gonna kill Austin!'' Alex said.

''I feel loved!'' I said touching my heart.

I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around my waist. I got the spark I haven't gotten in five months and it was amazing. All my emotions, confusions, nervousness, etc. went away in that moment. This will make the rest of my pregnancy much easier once we figure this out.

''The baby's moving!'' Austin said excitedly. His hands were on my stomach.

''You're gonna be so much like your father!'' I said to the baby.

''Yeah he is!'' Austin said.

''Whatever!'' I said. I started walking to the car.

''Have fun on your date!'' Sarah yelled.

''No sex Alex !'' I yelled back at them.

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