Part 112

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I pulled back surprised at what I just did.

''I'm sorry.'' He said sincerely.

''No it's fine I'm just surprised but I mean friends with benefits right?'' I said smiling. He smiled back but then it faded.

''Shit hurry and drive!'' He said.

''Why?'' I asked then he pointed to the two Disneyland security walking toward our car. I stepped on the gas and drove away. We drove home in silence. And an hour later we got home or the hotel.

''That was one of the best days of my life.'' Austin said walking towards the door to him and Alex's room.

''Yeah! One of the best days I've had in a long time.'' I said. We laughed and walked in to see everyone chilling on the couch.

''Where were you guys?'' Rob asked smirking.

''Oh you know just the normal sneaking into Disneyland and almost getting caught by security.'' Austin said.

''No seriously.'' Alex said.

''Seriously Alex.'' I said. And they all laughed.

''Stop lying guys we know you would never do that.'' Sarah said.

''Well we did.'' I said in a duh tone.

''Really?!'' They asked, we nodded.

''Tell us all about it!'' Rob shouted. Austin and I laughed and told the story.''

''Damn Austin I'm jealous of your girl.'' Zach said and I blushed.

''She's pretty amazing isn't she?'' Austin said looking at me.

''So you two?'' Sarah said pointing between us.

''No.'' I said.

''We're friends with benefits duh!'' Austin said and I laughed.

''Yeah.'' I said looking down.

''Hmm.'' Alex said.

''We still just need some time.'' I said and they nodded.

''Let's go get some dinner.'' We all agreed. I get ready and we all headed out.

*At dinner*

''I'm sad we're leaving tomorrow.'' Sarah said and I nodded not wanted the tears threatening in my eyes to fall. Austin squeezed my hand and gave me a sympathetic look.

''Well we'll just have to make the best of it and we'll visit.'' Austin said.

''And we'll come to some shows.'' I said smiling.

''Good.'' Austin said. Then everyone just made small talk.

''Kayla promise me one thing.'' Austin said.

''What?'' I asked.

''That you won't go back to Nash. But at least apologize and explain everything to him.'' He said.

''I won't don't worry and yeah I feel awful about all that so I will.'' I said.

''Good. You can still hag out with him I trust you just don't try anything.''

''I won't and you promise me you won't do anything with any other girls.'' I said.

''You have my word.'' He said.

''I trust you though I'm done with having trust issues and I'm ready to start fresh with you.'' I said.

''So am I Kayla. I love you and that will never change. The first time I laid eyes on you I knew I needed you to be mine.'' He said making me smile.

''Well ever since the first time I heard you sing I knew you were an amazing person.'' I said remembering the first time I heard one of his covers.

''And I promise when I'm done with my tour we'll be together forever, we'll get married eventually and start a family.'' He said.

''Hopefully that all works out this time.'' I said a sad look on my face.

''Kayla if it doesn't that just means making more babies.'' He said smirking.

''Eww Austin.'' I said jokingly and he just laughed.

''I'm glad we're doing good now.'' He said.

''So am I. I am finally happy again.'' I said.

What would I do without this boy?

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