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Part 50

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I had no clue what was going on or who was in the hospital because Michele hung up on me. I ran out the door not caring what I looked like. I was in sweats and one of Austin's trukfit sweatshirts so it was really big. I put my Jordans on with it and my hair was in a super messy bun since I had it like this yesterday and slept on it and cried too. I'm sure you get it Ilooked terrible! I grabbed Austin's keys and sped off to the hospital careful not to get a ticket. Ten minutes later, I was at the hospital. I went inside and Michele was waiting for me with Carter in the hospital which meant only one other person could be in the hospital.....

Austin. I broke down.

''Austin?'' I asked crying. She just nodded. I grabbed Carter and I followed her to the room. I peeked in and Austin was laying on the bed looking miserable. It made me cry more. I turned around and just sat against the wall outside his room. I was still pissed at him and hadn't fully gotten over that and now Austin's in the hospital and he looks awful so I was crying for so many reasons.

I was holding a sleeping Carter trying not to wake him up with my crying. Michele came out and sat next to me.

''I can't go in there.'' I mumbled with my head in my hands.

''Sweetie I know it's hard to see him like this and I know you're still mad at him but please he needs to smile. He keeps asking about you.'' She said sweetly.

''Here I'll take Carter and you go clean up in the bathroom then go see him.'' She said taking Carter.

''Okay thanks for understanding and always being there for me, I don't know what I would do without you.'' I said hugging her.

''Don't make me cry! But you're like a daughter to me so how could I not always be there for you.'' She said and I laughed. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The person I saw was someone else I never wanted to be. I was a mess, my life was a mess, I was relying on others for everything, assuming everything, how could I be so stupid. I shouldn't have cried I should've taken care of Carter instead of making Michele take care of him. As I was looking at myself I realized I was wrong. I quickly cleaned up fixing my makeup and hair, then I went to see Austin.

I walked in and he was still laying down, he looked like he was thinking hard about something and he looked so sad and hurt both his heart and body.

''Hey.'' I said quietly. He slowly looked up and a smile formed on his face. I smiled back.

''How are you doing?'' I asked. He just shook his head.

''Honey he can't talk he has a blood clot in his throat and he's really dehydrated it hurts. I'm sorry.'' Michele said walking in.

''Oh sorry!'' I said, he just nodded.

''Umm well when you can talk we really need to talk. I was wrong and I'm sorry''I said. I didn't look at him at all. I was playing with Carter as he sat on my lap. I was sitting next to Michele in a chair by Austin's bed. I felt someone touch my chin and lift it up. I felt spark, my favorite spark.

And as I looked up a smile formed on my face, I miss that spark, that touch, and that feeling. He smiled back and kissed my cheek.

The doctor came in and needed us to leave so he could do some tests on Austin.

''I'm gonna go home with Carter and change. I'll be right back don't worry.'' I said grabbing his hand and then kissing his cheek. He smiled a big smile again. That smile made me realize everything would be all right. I started walking with Carter in my arms but Austin wouldn't let go of my hand.

''Don't worry babe I'll come back. I just want to look good.'' I said laughing. He smiled again and nodded.

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