Part 67

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''What's up?'' Alex asks.

''Could Austin not come see me before going and talking to Mahomies? Like I sound selfish and all but all I wanted was to tee him and be in his arms. I missed him and the first thing he does when he sees me is goes and talks to Mahomies and take pictures.'' I said crying. I sounded selfish but I mean I guess I had a point.

''No offense but that does sound selfish haha, but I get it. If I were coming to see Sarah I would see Sarah first. I completely understand. You just need to talk to him and forget about it, it's not that big of a deal.'' He said wiping my tears.

''Thanks Alex, I can always count on you to help me!'' I say and hug him. He pulls away and grabs my hand and drags me towards Austin. I put on a fake smile for Austin. He made eye contact with me and I couldn't look away. I got lost in those beautiful hazel eyes I always get lost in. I don't know what took over me but I ran into his arms crying because I missed him so much.

''I missed you so much baby.'' Austin cried into my ear. Aww he was crying.

''I'm sorry.'' Is all I could say.

''For what babe? It was me too I let you go but I guess even though we were both miserable we needed that.'' He said.

''Yeah I guess.''

'' Let's go back to the day when I saw your face for the very first time... Cause your heart is in my hands.'' He sang softly in my ear so only me could hear.

''I just want you to know I'll always be here no matter what and if you think I'm not listen to that song I wrote it for you.'' He says.''

''Aww babe you know that's my favorite song.'' I say. I pull back grab Carter from Michele and Austin takes my hand and we head to the car. I sat in the back by Austin and Carter.

''What do you want to do today?'' I ask Austin.

''Cuddle and kiss.'' He whispers in my ear. I giggle.

''Okay sounds perfect!'' I say.

''I'll watch Carter.'' Alex offers.

''You don't have to, I mean we've already put you through too much.'' I say.

''No it's fine.'' He says.

''Thanks Alex.'' I say.

''Yeah we owe you big time man.'' Austin says.

''Well I need help with something.'' He says.

''really what?!'' I said wondering what in the world he would need help with.

''Well umm I've been thinking about this for a while. I mean I've dated Sarah for almost five years and I think it's time...''

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