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Part 18

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*1 month later*

My bump is bigger and more obvious. I'm still at the hotel. I just can't go back and see all those people who remind me of Austin. I finally got over the fact that I won't be able to see him for 4 more months. The reason why I don't want to see him sooner is because I don't want to let him go and then I'll be back to where I was when he first left. I'm doing this for the baby. If I get depressed then I won't eat anything and that's not healthy for the baby. Lately I've been working out everyday, eating healthy, getting maternity clothes and just wandering around town. I'm trying to avoid laying in bed for a long time during the day cuz if I do I won't get out anytime soon. Austin tries calling me everyday. I ignore it or I will become depressed again. I pulled out my phone to check Instagram and Twitter for the first time in a long time.

@AustinMahone: missing my baby </3. Please come back. I need you </3

@AustinMahone: never been more heartbroken and depressed in my life.

@''my friends''(Sarah, Lexi...): Miss u. Come back. We're depressed. The crew </3

And trending on Twitter was #ripcrew.

Instagram- Throwback to us

Miss u

Come back

Etc. all pics of us! Of course.

My friends had posted stuff like that too. I decided I would tweet something to the crew and Austin.


@Kayla_Mahone: I miss u guys so much! I'm doing this for a reason! Just trust me. If I come back you'll remind me of him and how I won't be able to see him for 4 months which will make me depressed again. I was depressed for 4 weeks and I decided to do it for it (u know what I'm talking about) I started working out, eating healthy, etc. I've created a new life where I don't think about him that often. I don't cry every day anymore either. I hope u understand why I'm doing this now. See u soon! Just know how much I love and miss u and I'm doing this for it.

With love, Kayla ♥


@Kayla_Mahone: I love u more than words can describe! I'm already crying and I just started this! I haven't cried in over a month. This is good though. Please understand I'm doing this for it (u know what I mean). I've been working out and eating healthy! I just want u to know I don't want to see u until u come back for good or else you'll just leave again and I'll become depressed again. I don't want to see the crew bcuz they remind me of u. Just know no one can help me right now. I've been strong and gotten through this myself, I'm okay. I love u soo much never forget that or me! I've kept my promise to u and I haven't forgotten u for day. My love still grows each day for u even though I haven't seen u in 2 months. See u soon my love!

With love, Kayla ♥

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