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Part 17

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Kayla's POV

I finally decided to get some fresh air today so I went into the bathroom and washed my tear stained and red face. I put some mascara and eyeliner on and changed in black legging and an oversized red sweater and combat boots. I walked out of the hotel room with my key and phone. I walked out and the fresh air felt so good. I decided I needed to feed my baby so I went to the nearest restaurant. It was a Chinese place. I ordered a lots of food and sat at a booth alone and ate quietly. My phone went off and it was Austin.


''Oh my gosh! Thank goodness! Where are you?!''

''I'm fine I just need to be alone.'' I said. I was actually in a good mood.

''Kayla I heard what you've been doing you need to do this for the baby not me. Tell me where your are. You are coming home and eating and getting rest.''

''I'm eating right now and I've already gotten plenty of rest. Don't worry about me.''

''I am! Ever since you left that airport I've been worrying about you then I find out no ones seen you in a month! That's concerning!''

''OKay Austin calm down...''

''I won't calm down! You're pregnant!''

''Okay Austin I know what I'm doing!''

''Tell me where you are now!''


''Yes! I'm on my way to Miami I have a show tomorrow and I want you home by the time I get there or I'm canceling all my shows!'' Forgot to mention before he left we bought a house and everyone lives in it. Austin and I got our own bedroom and Bella and Lexi share a room and Sarah and Tiffany share a room and the boys same thing. And Michele and Dave of course got their own room in the basement away from everyone. It was huge. Plenty of room for everyone who needed to get away in the house to go somewhere and not be bothered.

''I will come back when I'm ready but you sure as hell will not cancel your shows!''

''Listen to me babe, do this for the baby!''

''What I'm doing right now is for the baby!''

''Please babe! I need to see you!''

''Okay well I wanted to see you too not see you go away. Okay you broke my heart! I cried everyday almost for a month! The past week I finally got myself out of bed for the first time! And I did it for the baby! You ruined me!''

''It's not my fault! I would've let you come if I could have!''

''Bye Austin!'' I said and hung up. Being pregnant was hard and I'm always cranky so I try to be in a good mood which I was but Austin ruined it.

Austin's POV

I'm really worried about Kayla. She obviously doesn't know how hard it is for me. I only get up in the morning for my shows, if I had the choice I would lay in bed and cry all day! I need to do something. I just don't know what! We'll just have to wait and see...

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