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Part 97

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''I'm gonna get my own room.'' I said standing up. Austin and I had been waiting for half an hour for everyone to come back. We just sat in awkward silence.

''You and Sarah are sharing.'' He said.

''Okay.'' I said and sate back down. I decided to call Sarah to see when they were coming back.

''Hello.'' She answered.

''When are you coming back?'' I asked.

''I can come now if you need me.'' She said.

''Would you?''

''Of course! Want me to bring you something?''

''Sure, just get whatever.''

''Okay what about Austin?''

''Just get him whatever too.''

''You're still not talking?''


''Okay I'll be there soon.''

''Thanks Sarah.'' I said and hung up.

Austin and I waited in awkward silence again for fifteen minutes until I saw Sarah walking down the hall with food. I ran up to her and hugged her.

''Thanks Sarah really.'' I said smiling and took my food.

''Anything for you.'' She said taking out our room key.

''Are you still not gonna talk to me?'' Austin asked sadly.

''I'm not ready.'' I mumbled as Sarah opened the door.

''Can you please just tell me what's wrong?'' I groaned.

''I make a mistake okay AUstin.'' I said angrily and slammed the door. I went inside and cried into Sarah's arms. I then ate, took a shower and went to bed even hough it was only eight.

Austin's POV

We were sitting in the hall in awkward silence waiting for everyone to come back. I was worried about Kayla, I had no clue what was wrong with her.

''I'm gonna get my own room.'' She said standing up breaking the silence.

''You're sharing one with Sarah.'' I told her and she sat back down. She called Sarah asking her when she was gonna be back. And fifteen minutes later Sarah come back with food for both of us. She handed me my food and unlock their door.

''Are you still not gonna talk to me?'' I asked her sadly knowing my answer.

''I'm not ready.'' She mumbled about to walk in the door.

''Can you please just tell me what's wrong?'' I asked her hoping I would get some answer. Her back was still turned to me as she was in the doorway.

''I made a mistake okay Austin.'' She said pissed and slammed the door.

What the hell did she do? I was really confused now. I waited outside their door a little bit waiting for Alex to come back. I kept hearing crying obviously coming from Kayla.

''Hey man.'' Alex said walking down the hall with my mom and Dave.

''Hey.'' I said sadly.

''What's wrong?''

''I don't know Kayla wouldn't tell me what was wrong and then she said she made a mistake and then she slammed the door. Alex what's going on?'' I asked.

''Honestly I don't know, Sarah hasn't said anything.'' He said.

''Austin leave her be, she'll talk to you when she's ready.'' My mom said,

''What so you know?'' I said angrily.

''Yeah and it's none of my business to tell you.'' She said.

''But mom please!'' I begged.

''No Austin. Talk to Kayla tomorrow.'' She said and went to her room.

''C'mon I'll talk to Sarah.'' Alex said knocking on the door. Sarah answered and hugged Alex.

''Wanna come in, Kayla's asleep.'' She asked and held the door open for us. We sat on the couch.

''What's up with Kayla?'' Alex asked.

''I can't tell you, all I can say is she made a mistake and I think she finally figured out her decision was wrong so just let her be for now.'' Sarah said.

''C'mon pleasssseeeeee.'' I begged.

''No AUstin I can't tell you, if she wants to tell you she will and if not you'll figure it out sooner or later.'' She said.

A phone buzzed in the kitchen. She got up and grabbed Kayla's phone. Her face flushed and she looked a little angry then she put her phone in her pocket.

''What's that all about?'' Alex asked.

''Nothing.'' She said and sat back down.

''Why were you looking at Kayla's phone then?'' I asked.

''Just because Austin.'' She said raising her voice. A door opened and Kayla walked in looking half asleep.

''What's going on?'' She asked sitting next to Sarah. Sarah handed her her phone. Her face flushed to then she smiled.

''You didn't tell them did you?'' She asked putting her phone down.

''Nope I left that up to you, it's your life not mine.'' She said then Kayla's phone rang she smiled and answered.

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