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Part 91

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It's been two weeks since Austin left. It's been harder than I thought it would be. I've been hanging out with Nash a lot as friends but I don't know, I still have feelings for him but when I think about that Austin always pops into my head. We've talked a little. He skyped me a couple times last week and we text a little but other than that we really haven't talked much so I don't I guess we'll have to see.

''Kayla let's go!'' Lexi yells. We were all going to the beach today and Michele and Todd were even going join us. I ran downstairs in my bikini and beach stuff in hand.

*at the beach*

''Soo how have you been?'' Lexi asks talking about Austin of course.

''Fine we haven't talked much like he said we would and I don't know I still have feelings for Nash. I'm confused again.'' I said. We were laying on our towels and just talking.

''Maybe you should talk to Nash about it.'' Sarah said.

''Yeah but I just feel like I'd be letting Austin down. He said if figuring out my feelings mean dating Nash then I should but I feel horrible and it makes me feel like I'm using Nash.'' I said.

''I think you just need to talk to both Nash and Austin about this. Personally I think you and Austin are perfect for each other.'' Lexi said.

''That's what everyone says but we fight so much and he's always gone and with Nash we've never fought and he's always here for me.''

''But just think, Austin is doing this to help you guys's future together.'' Sarah says.

''Who said we have a future together.'' I said and got up. I walked over to a bench and sat down. I hated that people who always said me and Austin are meant to be why can't it be that easy for me to say that too?

''Hey sweetie.'' Michele said sitting next to me.

''Hey.'' I said.

''Don't get mad at them I know this is hard for you.'' She said calmly.

''I know I just wish it was easy for me to say that we're meant to be too. But it's not and what if that means we're not meant to be?''

''Honey you'll figured it out it just takes time. You'll know who the one for you is. When I met Austin's father I knew there was something special about him but it took a few years to really know he was the one I wanted to marry and have a future with.'' She said tearing up. I hugged her.

''But how did you know?''

"You'll know when you know. You get a feeling around that person that you get with no one else. There's the person you're alway thinking about.'' She smiled at me.

''Maybe Austin is the one for me then. I just don't know what to do about the feelings I have for Nash.'' I said. Feelings don't just go away immediately. I think it would help if Austin was here with me.

''Feelings are feelings but love is different. Who do you really love?'' She asked then walked away. I sat and thought until my thought were interrupted by my phone ringing. I checked the caller id, it was Austin.

''Hey!'' I said happily.

''Hey.'' He said not so happy.

''What's wrong?'' I ask now concerned.

''I'm just exhausted, we've been rehearsing all day and I've gotten no sleep.'' He said and yawned.

''I'm sorry I'll let you so you can sleep.'' I said.

''No it's fine. I'm sorry we haven't talked much, I've been super busy.''

''It's okay, how are you?''

''Fine, I just wish you were here.''

''I wish I was there too, life would be much easier.'' I said and sighed.

''You and Nash?''

''No we're friends, I talked to your mom today and I think I know who the one is.'' I said happily.

''Oh umm.'' He said awkwardly.

''It's you! She said feelings are feelings and love is love, who do you really love? And you're the one I love. Whenever I'm thinking about the feelings I have for Nash you always come to my mind and I can't help but feel horrible even just thinking about him. I love you Austin.'' I said.

''Oh uh love you too.'' He said. Well that was idd.

''Hey um can I talk to Alex?'' I asked.


''Okay night Austin.'' I said and he handed the phone to Alex.

''What's up with Austin?'' I asked.

''He's really tired and he was just really worried that you would chose Nash. Just let him sleep on it, he'll be fine. He really loves you Kayla.''

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