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Part 105

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I turned to see the person I least wanted to see. Austin. He was walking towards me fighting back the paparazzi. I tried to sneak away from him but he caught up to me and grabbed my arm.

''Please Austin just stop.'' I said in tears still pouring from my eyes. He pulled me into a hug a sympathetic look on his face. I let him hug me while I cried into his chest but I didn't hug back.

''Shhh.'' He said running his hand through my hair. This felt nice.

''Let's get going.'' He said grabbing my hand. I pulled it away and he stopped walking and turned around confused.

''I'm going to Starbucks alone.'' I said and turned away.

''I'm coming with you.'' He said walking next to me.

''No Austin you're not.'' I said.

''I let you once and I'm not letting that happen ever again.'' He said making my heart melt.

''Austin I need time to get my life together again.''

''But I can help Kayla, once we're together again everything will be okay I promise.'' He said.

''Austin we need to take things slow and I need time right now. Alone.'' I said.

''If you let me come with you it's on me.'' He said.

''No.'' I said sternly.

''Yes.'' He said.

''Fine.'' I sighed. ''But don't you dare to try anything on me.'' I said rudely and walked in front of him towards Starbucks. We walked in and I got an iced chai tea latte and he got a caramel frappe. We sat down and it was silent for a few minutes. I just looked out the window thinking until he broke the silence.

''Will you tell me what happened last night?'' He asked. I bit my lip thinking.

''I guess.'' I sighed.

''So last night I went to bed right after you left. I heard a knock waking me up after a couple hours so I thought it was Sarah so I answered it and I wasn't quite awake then you pushed me against the door and we kissed and you were seducing me.'' I said and blushed and he chuckled. ''Anyways, I smelled alcohol on your breath and made you leave and I cried myself to sleep. It hurt Austin. It made me feel like you were using me.'' I finished.

''God I'm such an idiot!'' He said and groaned.

''I did go to a bar with a friend you know to forget about everything and let loose but I was stupid and got drunk. I'm so sorry Kayla.'' He said sincerely.

''I mean it's fine but I still need a little time you know, and I want to get my life together again. Austin I feel like I've never had a normal life since we've been together.'' I said tears threatening.

''Well I'm famous duh and I'm so hot you just couldn't resist.'' He said making me laugh.

''You're stupid.'' I said.

''Wanna make another baby?'' He said seductively.

''Shut up douche.'' I said.

''Friends?'' He asked sticking his hand out.

''Friends.'' I sighed shaking his hand. Shocks shooting through my hand.

''God why do I love you so much?'' I said. He looked confused.

''Whenever we try to be friends or take things slow even the simplest touch makes my heart melt and shocks spread throughout my body it makes thing harder.'' I said and he nodded.

''It's hard to me too.'' He said.

''But I love you so much Kay and I hope we'll work out soon.'' He said and kissed my forehead.

''I do too Austin and thanks for coming after me.'' I said. He smiled and we headed back to the hotel just two friends having good time.

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