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Part 36

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Kayla's POV

I try again to open my eyes and they open and I see a bright light that hurts my head. I blink again and my eyes adjust. I look over and see a cute boy with his head in his hands. He looked like he was crying but who was he? Where was I? What was going on?
I looked around. I saw someone walking towards me.

''How are you doing Miss Pearson?'' The man asked.

''My head hurts. What's going on?'' I asked. It hurts to talk.

''You got into an accident and went into a coma for a few days.''

''Who are you?''

''I'm the doctor.''

''Kayla!'' I hear. I look over and see the boy who was crying stand up happily with a tear stained face. I felt so bad for him.

''Who are you?'' I asked. He looked sad again and he walked out of the room crying. Did I do something? I looked at the doctor confused.

Austin's POV

''Miss Pearson how are you doing?'' I hear.

''My head hurts. What's going on?'' I hear. Kayla! I wiped my tears and sat up.


''Kayla!'' I say standing up and walking towards her.

''Who are you?'' She asks. That broke my heart. How did she not remember me? I walked out of the room crying.

''Dude what's wrong?'' Alex asks.

''She doesn't remember me!'' I say crying harder. I just run out of the hospital. Running to wherever my feet take me. I found myself at the park. I cried and cried.

*2 hours later*

I had been crying for a while now. I decided to go on Twitter. My Mahomies had tweeted me

Stay strong

What's wrong?

Don't leave we love you!!


I tweeted them back:

@AustinMahone: Thanks !☺

@AustinMahone: It's just a hard time in my life right now :(

I also tweeted:

@AustinMahone: She doesn't remember me :( </3

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