Part 59

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Kayla's POV

I decided to go with Austin since we needed to talk and get things figured out. I was packing when the door opened and I look up to see Austin with a tear stained face. It broke my heart so I ran up to him and hugged him. He hugged back. It felt amazing to hug after a few days of being alone. I quickly pulled back and went back to packing.

''I got Carter from Lexi and took him to my mom's.'' Austin said breaking the awkward silence. He was leaning against our bedroom's doorframe.

''Okay thanks.'' I said.

I finished packing and went to our closet to change. I decided on going casual. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my already straightened hair and applied some light makeup. I walked out and Austin was still leaning against the doorframe.

''Ready?'' I asked. He nodded and grabbed my suitcase before I could. I just let him because I was done with arguing.

The car ride to Alex's was very awkward. Alex hopped in the back once we got there to headed to the airport.

''So guys how's it going?'' Alex awkwardly asked.

''Fine.'' I lied.

''Liar.'' he coughed.

''Jerk.'' I coughed getting a light chuckle from Austin. I smiled.

''Someone's day just got made.'' Alex said eyeing me. I blushed.

''Shut up.'' I said still blushing.

''You guys need to work this out.'' Alex said getting serious again.

''We know, we'll talk on the plane. We've got plenty of time.'' Austin said.


We hopped onto the plane and I sat next to Austin by the window and Alex sat somewhere behind us giving us space to talk.

It was quiet for a while and awkward. I didn't know how to start.

''What happened?'' I asked.

''I was hurt that you kept saying you weren't good enough for me.'' He said.

''I'm sorry but what if I'm not?'' I said weakly.

''You are so shut up!'' He said.

''Austin I just want to talk don't get mad.'' I said.

''Okay I'm sorry just stop saying that. You more than enough for me and I couldn't ask for anyone better.'' He said. I blushed.

''I really missed you.'' I said quietly.

''I missed you too and believe it or not I cried. He said. I always thought it was cute when boys cried you know because they're always trying to be so tough but they just need to let out their emotions.


For the rest of the plane ride we talked about all the great memories we've had together. I would say we were on pretty good terms. But not for long...

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