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Part 15

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We had just got back from our vacation and it was amazing! We finally had gotten come alone time. We hung out at the beach and wandered around the city most of the time. It was nice to get away and get our minds off of things. It's been two weeks and my parents have been ignoring my texts and calls so I've given up on them! Everyone is back in Miami. Todd and Michele are on their honey moon right now traveling Europe for a couple of weeks. They are my new parents since my parents hate me! Austin had to leave today for his tour. I was sad I couldn't go. The crew wasn't going either cuz they couldn't either so basically I'd just be third wheeling it for six months! Sounds fun right! Not! Jake was going to join Austin for some shows but we still couldn't go! This was going to be the hardest six months ever! I was pregnant and no one was there to help and I really needed Austin's help.

''Okay baby, I'm all packed let's go!'' Said Austin coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. He came in front of me and put his hands on my stomach.

''I love you baby in there, I will always be here for you. Be good for your mommy and take care of her while I'm not here. I love you!'' He said and kissed my stomach. I had the smallest bump. You could barely see it. On the way to the airport Austin and I held hands. We were silent the whole time. I was just thinking about how things were going to be like. We had been dating almost a year and I had seem him almost everyday! I started to tear up so I bit my lip to hold back the tears.

''We're here babe.'' Austin whispered in my ear.

''Okay.'' I said quietly and got up and out of the car. We walked hand in hand sadly to boarding. Austin hugged me and whispered: ''I'm sorry I can't be there for you during this. I will come see you as much as possible! Call and Skype me everyday! Take care of yourself and the minute you don't feel right or start getting contractions call me and I will be there right away! Towards the end of the tour I will be on this side of the U.S. so I'm close. I love you so much baby never forget that!''

''I love you too! This will be the hardest thing I've ever gone through! I'm gonna miss you so much! Don't forget how much I love you and most importantly don't forget the baby... or me.'' I said. A tear rolled down my cheek.


''I won't forget you don't say that babe!! I love you more than anything! Take care!!!'' He said and we kissed for as long as possible.


''I got to go, bye babe! Love you!!''

''Bye! Love you too!'' I said sad and quietly. He gave me a quick hug and ran off to his jet. He turned one last time and his face was all tear stained. I couldn't see him anymore and that's when I broke down. The tears were literally flooding out of my eyes. I sat on the floor of the airport and cried.

He was gone...

He was gone for good and I couldn't do a thing about it...

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