Part 128

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''Well we got the results and you are not pregnant. Must be just a stomach bug.'' The doctor said. I felt like I should be happy right now but for some reason I wasn't. My heart broke at that. I don't know why. We got in the car and headed back to the arena for rehearsals.

''Aren't you happy babe?'' Austin asked holding my hand.

''I should be but for some reason I'm not.'' I said.

''Don't worry babe everything will be okay I promise there's plenty of time in the future for kids and plus we're only 18.'' He said.

''You're right.'' I smiled. We went inside and I sat down in the dressing room with Sarah, Alex and Mama. Austin came over and kissed me.

''I'll be back soon and I better see that smile on your face when I get back.'' Austin said and I kissed him.

''I love you Austin.'' I said.

''Love you too see you later babe.'' He said kissing my forehead.

''So you going to tell us why you decided to skip rehearsals.'' Mama said not sounding too happy. I looked at Austin hoping her would say something.

''Austin c'mon we don't habe any more time to waste.'' Sakinah said. Austin gave me an apologic look and left. Michele looked at me waiting for an answer.

''Sorry it's my fault he missed rehearsals. I wasn't feeling good this morning and I thought maybe I was pregnant but I'm not. I'm sorry I should have just gone with Sarah.'' I said. I felt awful now. It was my fault he missed part of rehearsala and I'm not even pregnant.

''Aww sweetie it's okay don't worry about it. It's not your fault next time tell me and I'll go with you. I know what it's like.'' She smiled at me.

''Thanks Michele.'' I said and she nodded.

''But I need to have a nice talk with Austin.'' She said and I laughed.

We all just hung out and talked for a couple hours while Austin rehearsed. Michele went to get us all some lunch.

''Aren't you glad you're not pregnant?'' Sarah asked.

''I mean I am but I don't know for some reason I felt kind of disappointed that I wasn't.'' I said and she nodded. Then the door opened and slammed and an angry Austin walked in. I went over to him.

''Austin, what's wrong babe?'' I asked trying to calm him down.

''Nothing!'' He said angrily.

''Okay just let me know if you need anything.'' I sighed. I turned to go sit down again. But he grabbed my arm and I turned arounf and he pulled me into a big hug.

''I'm sorry.'' He whispered.

''It's fine but what's wrong?'' I asked.

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