Part 107

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I'm sitting and thinking. I'm probably just over reacting. I wipe my tears and get ready to go back in because I'm an idiot. I open the door and Austin's head shoots up and he runs over to me. He wraps his arms around my waist.

''I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way. I'm just mad that they would do that to us and I didn't want to rush anything.'' He said.

''Austin it's fine, being friends has just been hard so far.'' I said.

''I know but it's for the best.'' He said. We just stood there hugging enjoying the comfort of each other's arms,

''Hey guys we really are sorry we didn't know.'' Sarah said coming up to us.

''It's fine don't worry about it.'' I said hugging her.

''Do you wanna go get our pajamas on and we can all hang out and crash here?'' Sarah asked. I nodded.

*In our room*

''So you and Austin are just taking it slow then?'' Sarah asked.

''Yeah we're just friends right now it hurts though you know, but it's for the best right now.'' I said.

''Yeah I understand.'' She said. I quickly changed and we headed back to the boys room. We walked in and they had pillows and blankets spread throughout the living room and some popcorn and sodas on the table.

''What movie?'' Alex asked.

''Hmmm let's watch something scary.'' Sarah said.

''How about The Devil Inside!'' I suggested.

''Yes!'' Austin yelled. We all laid around the floor with popcorn in hand. Sarah and Alex were cuddling and Rob insisted that him and I sit by each other. He's too cute. (Not in that way)

''Shit.'' I mumbled hiding my head in the blanket behind Rob.

''This is some scary shit.'' Rob said cuddling into me. In a friend way if you were wondering.

''You guys are such babies.'' Austin said. Him and Zach were sharing a blanket cause there weren't enough and it was hilarious.

''And you guys are gay!'' I said laughing.

''Shut up.'' Zach said cuddling into Austin. I just laughed.

*After the movie*

I was exhausted and that movie was so scary.

''Ugh tomorrow's our last day.'' I said sadly.

''Seriously?! Ugh but I guess we need time.'' Austin said.

''I guess.'' I mumbled.

''It's only three months.'' He said sadly.

''Three months too long.'' I said. He nodded.

''Well that's what I'm for!'' Rob said.

''Rob you're stupid.'' I said laughing.

''Shut up.'' Austin said glaring at me.

''Let's sleep.'' I said and everyone nodded. Alex and Sarah had gone to Alex's bedroom to ''sleep'' apparently. No one believed them though. So I was stuck with the boys.

''Nigh!'' I said and crashed.

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