Part 3

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'Wait!'' Said Austin.

''Yeah?'' I said.

''Can I take a picture with you?''

''Sure!'' We both got our phones out and took a pic.


After dinner we went back to Lexi's house. We were having a sleepover of course! We put our pajamas on got popcorn and candy and started our movie marathon. We were gonna watch the notebook, the way way back, and pitch perfect. We were a few minutes into the notebook when my phone vibrated. It was a text from Austin.

A: Hey beautiful !

I blushed he was so cute when he called me that!

K: Heyy! ☺

A: What's up??

K: Watching the notebook at Lexi's

A: Fun! Do u cry like all the other girls?! Lol

K: Uh yes! I'm offended! Lexi and Bella don't tho and they make fun of me! :(

A: I won't make fun of u☺

K: Good at least someone will

A: I'll take care of u too when u cry☺

K: Aww ur so sweet!

''Who's making you so happy all of a sudden?'' Lexi said.


''Aww you two would be the cutest couple!! I'm jealous! Even though I have a boyfriend, my dream was for me to marry Austin!'' Bella said.

''It's mine too!! Don't tell Sean that Bell!'' I said.

''I love him. And you know what I mean.'' Bella said.

''Okay guys we're missing the movie!'' Lexi said.

They went back to watching the movie and I went back to texting Austin! The notebook was my favorite romance movie but texting Austin was much better!

A: Wanna come over tomorrow?😄

K: Let me just make sure that's okay with my mom!☺️

A: Okay, I can just pick u up in the morning from Lexi's if u want.

K: If ur okay with that. My mom said that's fine as long as I'm home by 10 and she gets to meet u when u bring me home.

A: Of course she can meet me!

K: Good! Hah I'm sure you'll love my mom she's like ur mom!☺️

A: My mom's not that cool 😁

K: Yes she is!

A: Fine! Whatever! Lol

*More Texting*

*1 AM*

''Uhh Kayla it's 1 AM we just finished all the movies. Have you even watched any of them?'' Lexi said taking me out of my daydreaming about Austin while I waited for him to respond to one of my texts.

''Uhh yeah!'' I lied.

''Sure...'' Bella said.

''Whatever! Hah!'' I said.

'' We should probably get to bed since you have a date in the morning.'' Lexi said and winked.

K: I'm going to bed so I will be rested for our ''date''!☺️

A: It's not a ''date'' it's a date! Haha goodnight beautiful!😊 Sweet dreams! Hopefully about me ;)

K: Night☺️ hah sure whatever!

Then I went upstairs to ''my room'' and hopped in bed and went to sleep. Lexi's house was so big that Bella and I had our own rooms that we even got to decorate. Only we get to stay in them too. It was pretty cool. At my house we just used one of the big guest bedrooms as a room for all of my friends to hang out and sleep. It had a couple bunkbeds a tv and a couch. It was pretty fun and it meat we all got to sleep in the same room and talk for as long as we wanted but still be comfortable sleeping in a bed. At Bella's, she kind of had the same as me.


I woke up from my phone vibrating. I looked at my phone, it was 10:30 AM.

And Austin had texted me.

A: Good morning beautiful!☺

K: Morning☺

I decided to start getting ready cuz Austin was coming at 12. I went into Lexi's room, she wasn't up but I went to her closet and picked out some faded skinny ripped jeans and folde them up a little at the bottom and I chose a white flowy tank that said LA on it and some red Toms. it was one of my favorite outfits. I went into the bathroom and curled my hair and did my makeup. I then went into Lexi's room and she was gone so I figured she was downstairs so I headed downstairs. I found her making breakfast. More like brunch since it was 11:15. She was making French toast and eggs.

''Hello gorgeous!'' Lexi said.

''Dang girl!'' Bella said coming in the kitchen from the living room.

''Hey guys!'' I said.

''So when Austin's coming?'' Bella asked.

''12!'' I said excited.

''Okay! Now tell us about last night.'' Lexi said handing us our breakfast.

''Oh my god! This is delicious!'' I said eating her French toast.

''Thanks. It's my dad's secret recipe.'' She said.

''Can I have it?! haha''

''Last night!'' Bella said waiting for me to talk about last night.

I told her everything.

''I'll be right back, I need to grab my phone before Austin comes!'' I said.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone and sprayed myself with some pink perfume. I ran back downstairs. Austin should be here any minute.

''Oh my god Kayla have you checked Twitter and Instagram?!'' Lexi practically screamed.

''No why?!''

Kayla's outfit:

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