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Part 118

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So Austin made his mom unenroll me in school so I could go on tour with him for the rest of the time. I was excited. I was tired of being away from him. Sarah was also gonna join us. I felt kinda bad for Lexi since the would be the only left at home with Michele and Todd but Zach and Rob would be there. Righ now we were driving back to Miami to spend two nights and so I could pack then we'd be heading off to LA. It was just Austin, Alex, Sarah and I and Alex was driving with Sarah in the passenger seat leaving Austin and I cuddling in the back.

''Babe.'' He said.

''Humm?'' I said looking up at him.

''You don't think we're taking this too fast do you?'' He asked worried.

''I mean I don't know I was miserable without you and I know we're meant to be so why keep us apart. We're inseparable.'' I said.

''Good point.'' He said and I nodded.

''I love you Kayla Marie Mahone.'' He said and I chuckled.

''What? That'll be your name one day so why my start calling you that now.'' He said.

''You're cute.'' I said.

''I know.'' He said. I just laughed. The rest of the way we just talked about his tour and everything.

''Let's go sleep babe.'' Austin said yawning.

''Okay.'' I said quietly. I was exhausted now. It was almost one in the morning and I've had a long day. He chuckled at me.

''Come here.'' He said with open arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me Inside and up to our room. I put on some sweats and climbed in bed and so did Austin.

*Next day*

I woke up to someone kissing me. I smiled and kissed back. I opened my eyes and Austin was hovering over me.

''Morning sunshine.'' I said.

''Morning beautiful.'' He said.

''We should make breakfast.'' I suggested. He nodded. I looked at the clock and it was noon. So brunch I guess but whatever.

''Food fight?'' Austin asked smirking.

''After.'' I smirked back.

''Fine.'' He sighed. We walked downstairs and got the ingrédients out and started making pancakes.

''Here let me help you babe.'' Austin says wrapping his arms around my waist and taking the spoon helping me stir.

''You know how I said we should have a food fight?'' Austin whispered in my ear.

''Yeah and you know how I said we should wait?'' I said.

''Yeah.'' He said and I took some batter and wiped it on his face.

''Not fair!'' He yelled.

''So fair!'' I yelled back.

''Lick it off babe.'' He said smirking.

''Hey we wanted to eat that!'' Alex yelled. We looked over at him and laughed.

''Haha I won!'' I said.

''Yeah whatever ley's finish these.'' Austin said. I just laughed.

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