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Part 19

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Today I decided to go hang out at the beach. I grabbed a towel and sunscreen, put them in a bag and got my swimsuit and dress to put on. I got dressed and left my wavy hair down and put on my Ray Bans. I grabbed my phone and headed out.
It's been almost 3 months since I've seen Austin. Three more to go. I'm excited yet nervous for what's to come. Having a baby is gonna be hard and we need to figure out our relationship first. It's just gonna be a lot of stress! And stress when you're pregnant isn't good. My pregnancy has been good so far. After I started getting out and doing stuff. I'm feeling great and I have more energy. My bump isn't huge which is nice cuz I'm starting to get self conscious.
Sarah called me yesterday and we talked for an hour about what's been going on. She might come visit soon, which I am fine with because I have gotten stronger and better on my own.
I still don't want to move back quite yet because I am enjoying being alone and relaxing with no stress at all. I arrived at the beach and laid my towel down and put sunscreen on. I laid on my towel and closed my eyes and just relaxed. I thought about everything going on and it was calming and made me feel better. That's what the beach does to me! I'm a beach girl!

My phone vibrate and it was a Twitter notification. I opened Twitter and saw Austin tweeted something.

@AustinMahone: @Kayla_Mahone I miss u more and more each day. My life is not the same without u. I cry myself to sleep at night and barely get up in the morning to perform. I am doing this all for u. I can't wait for the next three months to be over so I can finally see my baby. I know this time is hard for u and it's hard for me knowing I can't take care of u and help u through this hard time. I just want u to know I love u and I understand what u are doing. U never leave my mind for a second. Love u babe! :-* ♥

I cried reading this. I couldn't do this anymore. I decided to call Austin. Before I could dial his number, my phone buzzed again with another Twitter notification. It was Alex.

@Alexconstancio: @Kayla_Mahone I hope u two can figure out your relationship. I miss u Kayla! It's hard watching Austin go up on stage and sing. He's not happy and the fans have noticed. They know something's wrong. I love u a lot. Wish I could come with Sarah to see u. Love u! :-* call me soon!

I cried at this too. I wiped my tears and called Austin.

''Hey.'' He said sadly.

''Hi I just need to talk to you.''

''I'm glad you called. How are you and the baby doing?''

''I'm getting better and the baby's great! I can start to feel it move.''

''Glad to hear you're okay. I've been worried sick about you.''

''I know you have but I'm better than I ever have been. If I went back home and saw you and everyone that reminded me of you then you leave again and I'd be depressed. It's better for the baby. But trust me I really want to see you. I'm counting down the days!''

''I know it's good for the baby and I'm glad you're doing it actually. It makes me feel better knowing that you're both doing okay.''

''Yeah. Reading your tweet today made me cry that's why I wanted to talk to you.''

''Your tweet make me cry too. Even just thinking about you makes me cry.''

''I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I have some good news!'' He said, he actually sounded happy now.

''What is it?''

''Well you get to come with me for the last 2 months of the tour!! We have some interviews to do and my managers thought it would just be easier if you came.''

''Oh my gosh!!! That's great!! I can't wait!''

''Neither can I! So be back home by March 28 cuz we leave the 30.''

''I will don't worry!''

...............another hour of talking...............

''Bye babe love you!'' He said.

''Bye love you more!''

It was good to finally talk to him again. It was awkward at first but the good news helped and we just talked about life.

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