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*2 weeks later*

''C'mon babe we're gonna be late for our flight!'' Austin said coming into our room.

''Okay I'll be right there! Get Carter please!'' I said. Today we were flying to LA for the VMAs. Carter was staying with a family firend and everyone else was going since it was such a big deal that Austin was nominated.

I quickly finished packing and took my suitcase and headed downstairs.

''Here I'll take it.'' Austin said. What a gentleman.


''FLIGHT 4864 IS NOW BOARDING!'' The flight attendant said.

Well all heads towards the gate, Austin and I hand in hand. The crew was in Texas right now visiting family but they were going to meet us there. So Michele, Austin, Dave, Rocco, Michael, Joe, Ginger, Sakinah and I were headed to the jet. Austin and I walked to our seats and sat down. I leaned my head on Austin's shoulder and dozed off. My phone vibrated and I woke up. Jenna had texted me. I haven't seen her since Austin came back.

Jenna: Hey!☺ I heard you're gonna be in LA. I live there so I was wondering if you wanted to meet up and have a girls day?

Me: Sure sounds fun! I wish I had Carter with us so you could see him :(

Jenna: I'll come visit sometime☺ just text me when you can hang out I've missed you and we need to catch up.

Me: Yes☺

''Who's that?'' Austin asked.

''Jenna, she wants to hang out since she lives in LA'' I said.

''Well that's good. Now go back to sleep you look tired.'' I yawned and closed my eyes.


I was sitting in the crowd at the VMAs next to Austin.

''The winner is.... Austin Mahone!'' I jumped up and clapped for him, I was so happy. He walked up towards the stage when I heard a shot. I look at Austin and he's on the ground motionless. I run up to him and kiss his cheek.

''C'mon baby wake up!!'' I said tears streaming down my face.

We haven't gotten married yet, he has a son who needs him he can't be gone yet....

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