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We are never ever getting back together by BlueWayne
We are never ever getting back Ariella
Taylor wird die Person wieder sehen die ihr leben schon früher einmal verändert hat. Auch dieses mal wird alles anders werden!
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I Wear Boys Underwear: Extra Scenes by patriciaannzee
I Wear Boys Underwear: Extra Scenesby Patricia Ann Zee
Additional scenes, that take place after Austin's wild adventures at football camp, of your favorite characters Austin, Blaine, Drew, Eli, Nikki and Jared from I Wear Bo...
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Lets Run Away, austin&ally ff (editing) by RoxyXstarXnote
Lets Run Away, austin&ally ff ( Roxanne
Ally and Austin. Those two best friends, Austin right away fell in love with the adorkable brunette when they first met. He loved her, gave her her first kiss, stood by...
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From The Heart by shellscreams
From The Heartby Shell
A young girl age 26 meets a rockstar age 25. She goes to his concert and they fall in love (this is before the heart surgery). Sorry it is short
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The Boy From My Past Life by mtinaisbeast
The Boy From My Past Lifeby M
Erika has this weird ability of remembering her past life. As soon as she sees him is he the one? Is he from her other life. Read and find out what happens
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Nobody understands (Austin and Ally fanfic) by sisiinlove
Nobody understands (Austin and sisiinlove
Ally Dawson is 15 years old. She goes to Marino High School. She is a nerd. Her best friend Trish moves to the other side of Miami. When her mother dies of cancer her fa...
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Never on a Beach by mileyisjesus
Never on a Beachby Katylin
"Get in babe " I said to Dave my delish Christian dish adjusting my heart shaped sunglasses while the sun hit my hair like an instagram filter. Welcome to the...
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Writing The Perfect Letter (Chris Harrison fanfiction) by JohnPabloJackPavlova
Writing The Perfect Letter ( JohnPabloJackPavlova
The year is 2013. Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor shook the franchise to its core. Chris Harrison, a true believer in romance and true love, is suffering from PTSD...
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Faith by helloimafangirl
Faithby - R
- i stopped writing this story since i do not have the time and inspiration to write anymore. sorry for people who liked this story - "i wouldn't have met you if we...
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Old Sparks (Austin Mahone) by mackenziemahonex
Old Sparks (Austin Mahone)by ρяιηcεss мαcкεηzιε
This is the sequel to the fall. (Completed) Mackenzie's moved back to Miami, she went for revenge on Austin, but things turn out differently than she originally expect...
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Kidnapped by Austin Mahone by CramyoleexRenexx
Kidnapped by Austin Mahoneby CramyoleexRenexx
Andrea Russett was a normal girl until she got kidnapped by Austin Mahone follow Andrea and Austin in their crazy adventure
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The Darkest Minds ( Camren Fanfiction ) by Camrencabreguix
The Darkest Minds ( Camren Tori
Based on the novel, "The Darkest Minds" by Alexandra Bracken. All that is written is off her book. I do not own any of it just rearranged and switched the cha...
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True love by MadisonPack
True loveby Madison Pack
This book is about romance and its like it shows you the whole way and the caracters austin and caitlyn just have so much chemistry and its like love at first sight and...
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The encounter ( justin bieber ff) by savanna_1234
The encounter ( justin bieber ff)by savanna_1234
Maya was a normal GURL living a normal life until she has and encounter with the one and only justin bieber would feelings get in the way of her hatred for him and would...
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Written by forever_geekyy
Writtenby ☮Forever Geekyy☮
My name's Maya, Maya Monroe. It's not easy failing 7th grade English. But, fact is, I did fail, and now I'm stuck with a journal. I have to write about mostly every day...
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Squidgy by RayRayMcCartney
Squidgyby RayRay McCartney
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