Part 49

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I was home alone taking care of Carter since Austin and Alex were in Fort Lauderdale. It was hard taking care of Carter alone but it was nice to be alone and have some space. I decided to check Instagram and Twitter to see what's up with Austin and stuff. On instagram, Austin posted a pic of us saying:

''Missing my amazing girl♥ Wish she could be here.''

I decided to post a pic of us too and I said:

''Missing my amazing boy♥ Hope he's having an amazing time! He deserves it!''

I then checked on Twitter, he tweeted:

''Missing my babies </3''

''Had a great day today Fort Lauderdale Mahomies!''

I decided to tweet too since I haven't tweet in forever!!

''Being a mom is the most amazing thing ever! ♥''

''My life has changed so much in the past couple of years and I don't regret a thing. #yolo''

''Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, but love truly. ♥ @AustinMahone''

I was bored so I followed some Mahomies and tweeted them. I got a new notification and it was for Austin. So I checked his Twitter page and it said:

''Had an amazing night♥''

With a picture of him kissing a girl on the cheek. I was beyond pissed! I decided to call him about this.

''Hey babe!''

''Care to explain.'' I said

''Explain what?'' He said sounding annoyed.

''What you just posted on Twitter! Are you f*cking kidding me Austin! I let you have two days alone to just have fun and you go hang out with girls and post a picture on Twitter about it too! How could you be?!'' I yelled.

''Chill out Kayla! It's not what it looks like!''

''I'ts not what it looks like my a**. Every guy says that when they cheat on their girlfriend! What else would it be?!''

''Just let me f*cking explain!''

''No! You don't deserve to explain! I'm so done with this Austin!'' By now I was bawling.

''I didn't even do anything stop assuming everything!''

''You know what, no!''


''That's all you have to say?!''

''You know what, f*ck you Kayla!''

''Okay I'm done! I don't want to see you ever again and you sure as hell will not be seeing Carter!''

''Okay Kayla whatever.''


I hung up and threw my phone at the wall making it shatter. I didn't care. I was done with all of Austin's crap. I was bawling on the floor in the kitchen. Weird right? Well right now I didn't care. Carter start crying so I decided to call Michele do have her come pick him up and watch him while I figured my life out.


''Hey sweetie how are you holding up?'' Michele asked.

''Horrible.'' I mumbled.

''It's okay sweetie.'' She said comforting me.

''No offense but can you just leave me alone I just need to be alone.'' I said as nicely as possible.

''Yeah I understand.'' She said. She got up Carter and left without another word.

I decided I would go into my room instead of lying on the kitchen floor crying. I cried and cried and cried. I checked the time and it was 8:00 AM.

Great! I thought Austin would be home anytime now. I decided to get some rest. It took a couple hours to fall asleep since I was still crying but I managed to cry myself to sleep somehow.

I woke up from my phone ringing. I was still crying even though I was just sleeping. I checked the time and it was now 4:00 PM, wow I slept a lot! I thought. Michele was calling so I answered.

''Come to the hospital now!'' MIchele said in between sobs.

''What's going on?''

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