Part 60

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We got off the plane and started heading toward to get our luggage. I look up and see a familiar face. Mason, my ex that cheated on me before I started dating Austin. He saw me so I turned away and started looking for my suitcase. I felt warm arms wrap around. I figured it was Austin.

''I miss you.'' He whispered in my ear.
It was Mason.

''Please leave me alone I have a boyfriend and I broke up with you for a reason.'' I said walking away.

''Just let me talk to you.'' He said following me.

''No I've already heard enough please go.'' I said. I found my suitcase and grabbed it. I turned around and saw Alex so I start walking towards him. I felt arms wrap around me again and soon I was being turned around and someone kissed me. Of course you guessed it was Mason. I tried pulling back but he had one hand on my head and was forcing the kiss. I finally was able to pull back.

''Leave me alone!'' I said angrily with tears forming in my eyes.

''Not until you kiss me back.'' He said smirking.

''No just leave me alone!'' I said again. I turned away and saw Austin with tears in his eyes. He turned and walked away.

''You asshole!'' I yelled at Mason and ran towards Austin crying. Alex stopped me though.

''What was that?!'' He asked angrily.

''That was my ass of an ex boyfriend!'' I said mad. I wiped my tears and started looking for Austin again.

''I doubt he don't wants to talk to you.'' Alex said.

''Why I didn't do anything?!'' I said crying harder.

''That's not what we saw.'' He said.

''I swear he kissed me and I was trying to get away but he wouldn't let me and before that he kept talking to me and I told him to leave but he wouldn't! Please trust me Alex!'' I sobbed.

''Just come with me.'' He said and sighed. I walked slowly behind him with my head down. He stopped walking and I look up. Austin was happily talking to two Mahomies now. He looked up and saw me and glared and went back to talking to the Mahomies. They were about to take a picture and one of the girls wanted to kiss Austin on the cheek for the picture but right as she turned so did he. And no one pulled away. Yeah, they kissed right in front of me!

''Ass.'' I said. The girls looked at me and glared.

''What?'' I spat at them before walking away. I just sat on a chair and cried.

''Now you know how it feels.'' Alex said coming and sitting next to me.

''At least I didn't purposely do something like that and then kiss them back.'' I said. I got up and walked to find the rental car.

''Wait!'' Alex said. I turned around.

''I'm sorry for not believing you.'' He said with an apologetic look in his eyes.

''It's fine, can we just go?'' I asked. He nodded. He came up next to me and grabbed my hand. We walked to the car and got in the back. I sat there thinking. The door opened and someone sat next to me. I looked up and met eyes with Austin. He smiled an evil smile. I just cried and Alex comfort me.

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