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''Kayla wake up we're here.'' Austin said and kissed my cheek. What?! This was all a dream! I sat up confused.

''What's wrong?'' Austin asked.

''I just had a nightmare that's all.'' I said and got up.

''It's okay let's get going.'' Austin said and wrapped his arms around my waist.


We walked into our room and it was big. There was two big master bedrooms and two big bathrooms with a kitchen and living room. We were going to share a room with Alex and Sarah. The crew hasn't gotten to LA yet. Their flight got delayed due to weather.

''How about you hang out with Jenna today and she can help you fins a dress for the VMAs. Alex and Sarah's flight doesn't get in till 10 so we can pick them up then.'' Austin said.

''Okay I'll text her.'' I said.


''Kayla!!!'' I turn around and Jenna is running through the mall towards me. I run towards her with wide open arms.

''I've missed you!!!'' I said hugging her.

''So have I! Let's catch up and eat then I'll help you find a dress!'' She said excitedly.


We talked about everything that had happened lately with both of us while we ate pizza. We had been talking for an hour.

''Let's go find you a dress!'' Jenna said. She linked her arm in mine and we shopped.


''It's perfect!!! Austin will love it!'' Jenna said. I had finally found a dress after hours of shopping. It was now 5:30 so we decided to leave. I drove back to the hotel and went up to our room. Austin was in our room sitting on our bed with his head in his hands. I went up to him and kissed his head.

''What's wrong Austin?'' I asked.

''I'm so nervous this is my biggest performance what if I mess up?! What if I don't win. I'm gonna disappoint my Mahomies!'' He said.

''Uhh babe you're perfect there is no way you would mess up and and have you seen how many times your Mahomies have voted and no matter what they will always love you and stick by you if they really love you.'' I said.

''Thanks, you have great advice!'' He said sitting up with a smile on his face.

''I learn from the best!'' I said.

''Well thanks!'' He said.

''I was talking about your mom!'' I giggled. ''But you do have good advice babe.'' I said.

''Well then!'' He pouted.

''Austy come on let's get dinner!'' I said.

''Not until you tell me I give the best advice and kiss me!'' He said.

''Fine! Austin has the best advice!'' I said and give him a kiss.

''Okay let's go!'' He said happy again.

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