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Part 14

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''What's this?'' I asked as I stared at a home magazine.

''Well I'm gonna buy us all a big home to stay in for when we're here cuz I know thereMs gonna be a lot of us. And well since we've been dating awhile and now you're pregnant it's a better reason for you to help me chose our house! I got some other things for you though but I'll give those to you later.''

''Wow thanks so much Austin!! I love you baby!'' I said and kissed him.

*After presents*

''Hey babe, why don't we talk about the baby? I have to tell you something too.'' He took my hand and led us to our room. He sat on our bed and pulled me onto his lap.

''So when did you find out.'' He asked.

''The other day when I decided to go to the hotel after the pier in New Jersey.'' I said.

''Oh, I knew something wasn't right. But I didn't suspect a thing.'' He said.

''Good!'' I said pecking him on the nose to tease him.

''So back to the baby. I will talk to my managers to get some time off during your pregnancy and after the baby's born to spend time with you and the baby. But I have to go on tour without you for 6 months in a month but I promise I will visit as much as possible and you call me the second you are having contractions and I will be there right away!'' He said trying to cheer me up.

''Okay. Well where are you gonna go for this tour? And why can't I come?'' I asked.

''My managers said I can't have any distractions.'' He said mocking them.

''And the tour is just all across the U.S. so I won't be far don't worry! And you're not a distraction to me!'' He said.

''Okay I'm just glad you won't be out of the country!'' I said.

''Yeah that would really suck!'' He said.

''Well thanks for everything! I'm gonna talk to my parents.'' I said.


I called my parents and told them the news. They were not happy at all so I hung up. Being pregnant meant I had an attitude but no matter what I would have hung up on them. They were crazy. I mean yes we were young but it was a mistake and I think we will be great parents and can get through this.

But I don't know if we can. My parents hate me! My life is messed up. I fell on the bed and started crying.

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