Part 44

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We turn around and see fireworks lighting up in the air everywhere I look. It was beautiful.

''Did you plan this to?'' I asked Austin.

''Only for the best!'' He whispers.


We went out to dinner with everyone.

''Austin this night meant the world to me! It was amazing and perfect! I love you so much!'' I said.

''Love you too baby!''

''But one thing, this night was supposed to be about you!'' I said.

''Yeah well it was proposing to you and making you happy made my night just as much as being here and winning the moonman did.''

''This is why I love you so much!''

''And this is why I love you!''


The next morning I woke up and wanted to do something nice for Austin since he is always doing nice thing for me. I decided to go out and get some breakfast and other things for him. It was still early for him to wake up so I left quickly so I would be back before he got up. I would have made him breakfast but we were at the hotel so I really couldn't.

I went to a nice restaurant and got a bunch of pancakes and fruit. I then went to the mall and got him some new shoes and hat and got Carter matching ones too. I went home and got some fancy plates I had bought and put all the food on them and then poured some coffee and set the table. I put some red roses on the table cause he liked res of course and it made it look more romantic then I got some candles and put them on the table and lit them. I quickly hid the presents and went to wake up Austin. I went into our room and jumped on the bed.

''Austin!!'' I sang. He turned over and groaned.

''It's too early!!'' He said in his sexy morning voice.

''Babe it's like 10:30!''

''Soo, come sleep with me!'' He said.

''No I have a surprise for you and if you want it you have to get up and come find it.'' I said sternly.

''No come lay with me!'' He smirked. I knew he was just doing this to bug me.

''Fine, I'll just go find someone else to eat the romantic meal I have prepared.'' I said smirking as well. I started to get up. Austin slowly get up too. I kept walking towards the door until Austin grabbed my waist sending shocks through my body. I shivered.

''I knew you'd like that but you just wait'' He whispered sending more shocks through my body.

Before I knew it, I was pinned up against the wall and Austin and I were making out.

''C'mon babe the food's getting cold.''

''Fine, we'll continue later.''

''Okay.'' I said. Austin had this effect on me that no one else I had ever dated had given me. I loved it and I knew I could spend the rest of my life with this boy.

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