Part 53

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Today Austin was coming home. I was really excited because after being in the hospital for almost two days it gets old and boring. He was doing much better. I mean yeah he still felt horrible and you could tell. And he still had trouble moving without it hurting and talking too. But he was doing much better and I am so proud of how strong he has been. When he is better I am definitely doing something for him!

I was too lazy to make myself presentable today so I just put leggings on and my moccasin slippers. I dressed Carter in a Spurs jersey and basketball shorts and little Jordan's. It was Austin's favorite outfit.

We walked into Austin's room to see him with his head in his hands and I knew he was crying. I looked at Michele and she grabbed Carter from me and I ran over to Austin.

''Babe what's wrong?'' I said rubbing his back.

''They canceled the tour.'' He said not looking up.

''I know but babe it's for the best. You want to be better when you're performing don' you?'' I asked.

''Yes but I'm letting down all my Mahomies!'' He said.

''Yeah but the only ones let down aren't true Mahomies that are gonna stick by your side no matter what. The true ones are only sad you're sick and hoping you get better.'' I said trying to make him feel better.

''True but I still feel horrible about it.''

''Babe stop talking you ned to get better. Okay?'' He nodded.

''It's gonna be okay babe! Just think on the positive side you get more time to hang out with me and Carter!'' I said happily. He looked up at me and smiled then kissed me on the lips. I then pulled up a chair and sat next to him.

''Hey Michele, so when is he released?'' I asked.

''At 2:00!'' She said happily.

''Okay I'm gonna stay for a few hours then I'm gonna go home and get the condo ready!'' I said. I was gonna cleaned up and have Starbucks and stuff for him when he gets home.

I talked to Austin even though I wouldn't let him respond because I was too worried about him getting better. He would just nod and smile. I also talked to Michele and Alex a lot about everything going on in our lives. It was nice to talk to them.


''Austin!!'' I practically screamed as Michele and Alex slowly walked him into the condo. He looked up and a huge smile formed on his face. I ran up to him and hugged him for the first time in almost a week. He felt amazing! We hugged for almost five minutes. Finally I let go and helped him walk to our room. We laid down and cuddle for a while. It was nice feeling safe and protected in Austin's arms.

''I love you babe and I'm so proud of how strong you've stayed while being sick. It's hard to see you so sick but I'm always here for you.'' I whispered as we cuddled.

''Aww babe you've been pretty strong yourself and I really am sorry about what happened. I love you so much and I don't know what I'd do without you in my life.'' He whispered back.

''Shh don't talk.'' I said putting my fingers on his lips. He looked confused so I just kissed him. He kissed back.

''I'm so glad I have you back.'' I said our lips still centimeters apart.

''I'm glad to have you too.'' He whispered in his sexy voice.

''I'm gonna go get Carter.'' I whispered.

''Okay hurry back.'' He said smirking. I just laughed and got up and went to Carter's room to get him.He was now awake and bouncing in his crib.

''Hey lil' buddy.'' I said. He smiled up at me.

''Let's go see daddy!'' He started giggling. It was the cutest thing ever. I took him back into our room and put him on our bed.

''Say dada Carter.'' I said.

''Da!'' He yelled.

''Aww he's so close.'' I said.

''Say dada.'' Austin said.

''Da... dada!'' He said.

''Oh my gosh!'' I said shocked. A tear fell from my eyes. Austin wiped it.

''What's wrong baby?'' He asked.

''He's just growing up too fast.'' I said.

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