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Part 7

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'No he didn't but... umm well he umm well just check on Instagram I can't talk about this sorry bye.'' She said and hung up.

''What was that about?'' Austin asked.

''No sure Sean did something not sure what though she just hung up! But she said she's hanging out with Robert Alex and Zach cuz they saw them at the beach.''

''Hmm well that's good! I'm glad they met!''

''Yeah she also said to check Instagram!''

''Well check it then.''

''I am chill hahaha!'' I said and scrolled through Instagram. A picture of Sean and another girl showed. And it said ''With my giril!♥''

''This is what he did!'' I said.

''Wow what a jerk!'' Austin said.

''Yeah I'm gonna text her and tell her to break up! She deserves better!''

''Heck yeah she does!''

''Okay we're here let's go have some fun!'' I said.

We got out of the car and headed to the ticket booth.

We went on lots of rides and just hang out and talked. We got a lot closer and I really love him. The sun was starting to set and we decided to go on the ferris wheel so we could see the city and beach as the sun set,

''Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous!'' I said.

''Yeah this is the best view!''

''The sunset is just perfect!''

We were getting closer to the top and it just kept getting prettier. The beach was just like half a mile away so it was a great view of the beach and then the sky was pink and orange and just gorgeous!

''I had a lot of fun-''

I was cut off when Austin kissed me! It was our first official kiss as a couple and it was so romantic being at the top of the ferris wheel!

*Next Day*

Austin the girls and I were hanging out with the crew and Jake. We were going to hang out at the beach. Bella did end up breaking up with Sean so she was now single but not for long!

We had been at the beach for only a few minutes and Jake and Austin were literally best friends already! Jake had starting singing on YouTube a couple months ago so they had a lot in common.

''Hey you know what we should do?'' Austin said.

''What?'' Jake said.

''We should tour with eachother!'' Austin said.

''Yes that would be so fun and everyone else could come too!''

They figured all that out and decided Jake would open for Austin at his shows next week so the girls and crew and I decided to go with them and quit school to be with them.


My parents moved back to LA today. Since I was going on tour with Austin it didn't make sense for me to move so I'm staying with Lexi and Todd and enough Austin and Michele will move in.

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