Part 73

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Today was the day. It was finally time to get out of the hospital. I think everyone else was more excited than I was that I was getting out because they had to come here for seven months. It's crazy to think about that. I'm starting to remember things that happened in real life and not just my dream. I told Austin everything that happened in my dreams and oddly enough some was true and the sad part was it was one of the worst parts too. It was my parents. They were coming to see me when I first got into a coma and the plane got caught in a bad storm and crashed. It's been hard coping with all the depressing stuff and all the stuff I'm trying to remember. So yeah right now my life is hard. My parents died and so did my son that wasn't even born yet seemed so real in my dreams. Austin's been a huge help even though I know it's hard on him too.

Michele and Alex have been great too. Michele comes and talks to me everyday and reminds me that everything happens for a reason even of it's bad. And tells me that in the end, everything will be okay. Alex has been telling me how Austin was dealing with everything. Which makes me wanna cry. But I've cried too much about very things in the past week that I just can't cry anymore.

Austin's POV

I thought those seven months was hard but man this week was hard too. I thought once Kayla woke up everything would be okay and everything would go back to the way it was. But no, our baby is gone and Kayla hasn't had time to cope with that or the fact that she has no family except me and my mom even though technically we only have been dating a few months.

Today was the day I've been looking forward too. My princess could finally come home. We could cuddle all day in bed, watch movies and do whatever we wanted. I could go back to singing and traveling and take Kayla with me. My life will never be the same again, my on is gone. But I guess everything happens for a reason and we just weren't ready.

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