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Part 125

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''Soooo?'' I asked smirking. Austin came and kissed me. He laid me down on the bed and hovered over me.

''God I love you.'' He said.

''I love you more.'' I said kissing the top of his nose.

''Stop teasing me god damn it.'' He said and I laughed. Then I kissed his cheek to tease him more. Then he smirked and kissed my sweet spot behind my ear. I giggled.

*Later that night*

We laid in bed together as happy as could be. Tonight was amazing and I couldn't ask for a better night.

''Ain't no other shawty I've heard of baby
I'd put a million on that that that
I took my world and gave you half of it baby
I pray you never give it back back back

I love your style I love your smile
I love your eyes they look like diamonds to me
So you can have it all, all of it baby.
In your favorite store blowing stacks stacks stacks


I'll never feel the way I feel girl
'Bout anyone but u, oh baby, u yeah u
u, oh baby, u yeah u.'' Austin sang to me and that's the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

The next day we just hung out together chilling in bed and talking about everything. Our future, now, our past, our memories, our regrets, everything. That night Sarah, Alex, Austin and I hung out watching movies getting hyper and having a blast. At like 5AM we were bored and decided to go outside and have a snowball fight. Call us crazy but we did. We quietly snuck out of the hotel me on Austin's back and Sarah on Alex's. We got outside and Austin and I ran down the street holding hands and laughing.

''Austin let's scare them and then attack them.'' I said.

''Okay, c'mon.'' He said. He led me around a corner and we hid behind a bush and gathered snow and made snow balls. We could hear them talking.

''Last night was fun.'' Sarah said.

''Best night of my life.'' Alex said.

I covered my mouth so I wouldn't burst out laughing. Austin gave me a disgusted look before covering his mouth too before we both burst out laughing. We heard them getting closer I put my finger over my lips and Austin nodded. Right when they past our spot we jumped out screaming making them jump and scream at the top of their lungs then they started running away from us. We threw our snowballs at them then they turned around and glared at us.

''We're gonna kill you.'' Alex said through gritted teeth.

''Not unless we run.'' Austin said laughing.

''By the way how was last night?'' I asked and Austin and I died of laughter.

''Propably not as good as your night.'' Sarah said.

Austin and I looked at each other embarrassed then started running back to the hotel. Austin and I took a picture together on the Streets with our signature pose. I posted it on Instagram saying

''5AM sneaking out of the hotel to have a snowball fight with my man♥ :D''

Then we went Inside and fell asleep for an hour before we headed to the airport to head to Chicago.

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