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Part 61

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The car ride to the hotel was awkward. I just cried into Alex's arms and thought. I thought we could work out. I guess not. We got to the hotel and put my stuff on the couch then walked into Alex's room. I laid on the bed while he unpacked.

''What did I do wrong?'' I asked.

''Just don't worry about it we'll explain it to him.'' Alex said.

''He's not gonna listen!'' I cried.

''Just give him time I know you need time too.'' He said.

''Okay.'' I said. I got up and went into the main room and got my makeup bag out of my suitcase and headed back to Alex's room to get myself looking decent again. As I was walking, I saw Austin. We made eye contact and I just shook my head and walked away. Why does he always do this to me. I walked into the bathroom and washed my face and fixed my makeup. Then walked out to see Alex gone so I went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Sure enough Alex and Austin were talking. They saw me and stopped talking.

''We're going to dinner soon.'' Alex said.

''I'm not going.'' I mumbled.

''I told you she wouldn't want to go.'' Austin said.

''Why do you care you didn't seem to care at the airport.'' I said glaring at him.

''Guys stop! You're both coming no matter what you say!'' Alex said.

''Whatever.'' I mumbled and sat on the couch.

''Wear something nice.'' Alex said.

''Will you pick out my outfit?'' I asked. I was trying to make Austin jealous but mainly I just didn't feel like it.

''Here.'' He threw a bra at me. I laughed and blushed.

''Stop Alex!'' I said. I look over and Austin is pissed at us.

''Pick out my clothes before Mr. grumpy pants over there explodes.'' I whispered. He looked at me and laughed. He finally give me a cute skirt and shirt with some heels.

I changed and came back out and sat on the couch waiting for the boys. With my luck Austin came out first. He sat at a bar stool not bothering to acknowledge my presence. It was about five minutes of awkward silence before he said something.

''Why?'' He asked.

''Why what Austin?'' I snapped.

''Why did you kiss him?'' He said almost crying when he said kiss.

''I didn't okay!'' I said.

''Uhuh.'' He said.

''Okay I'll explain later I just don't want to talk about it right now.'' I said.

''Whatever but don't expect me to listen.'' He said.

''You know what, I'm done with this Austin.'' I said. I got up and walked into Alex's room. I walked in and of course he was in the middle of changing but I ignored it.

''Alex I can't do this!'' I cried.

''Yes you can.'' He said finishing changing.

''No I'm going home.'' I said.

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