Part 120

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''Wake up babe we gotta go.'' Austin said in my ear.

''Ugh I'm tired.'' I whined.

''C'mon pwease.'' He said and I laughed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and yawned.

''There's my beautiful girl.'' He said and I blushed.

''What do I wear?'' I asked.

''Just wear some sweats they'll have clothes and makeup and everything there.'' He said. I nodded and went into the bathroom and washed up. I put my hair in a braid, put my glasses on, and put some sweats and a t-shirt on with my boots. I walked out and Austin whistled.

''Shut up.'' I said laughing.

''Seriously babe you're beautiful. But we gotta go.'' He said and took my hand.

''Babe I'm nervous he hates me and probably hates you too.'' I said nervously as we walked into the lyric video set. Austin just laughed at me.

''It'll be fine, trust me.'' He said. We walked in hand in hand, Alex and Sarah following. I sighed and we saw the director and a bunch of people gathered together.

''And here's the star of the show.'' A director said and everyone turned and started cheering. Austin just smiled. I looked around at everyone and caught eye contact with Nash. He did not look happy to be here. I gave him the look that he needed to stop and he just shook his head and turned away.

''Okay everyone places.'' The director yelled and we all got into place. First I had to be by Nash which was awkward.

''Nash we need to talk.'' I said.

''No we don't just stop trying.'' He said.

''Okay whatever.'' I said annoyed and continued.

*Later that day*

''Hey babe you did great.'' Austin said wrapping his arms around my waist.

''Thanks, you did too and the Afro fits you nice.'' I said laughing.

''The heels are better though.'' He said laughing. God how I loved his laugh.

''Very manly too.'' I laughed. We were both laughing almost at the rental car when Nash came up. I immediately stopped laughing and stiffened. Austin noticed and he looked towards Nash. He nudged me.

''Hey I'm sorry Kayla about today and the other day.'' He said.

''It's fine I just hope you know how sorry I am and can forgive me. I just want to be friends still.'' I said.

''I know I do too if that's okay with Austin.'' He said looking at Austin.

''It's fine man I trust you.'' Austin said doing the bro handshake thing.

''Thanks man. See you around Kayla.'' He said, I waved.

''Phew I'm glad that's finally over with.'' I said sighing as everyone got in the car.

''Me too.'' Austin said as we cuddled up in the back. It was almost 10PM and I was exhausted. It had been a long day.

''I'm so tired babe.'' I yawned.

''Me too let's get some pizza and go to bed.'' Austin said and I nodded.

We ate some pizza and went to bed excited for the day to come of going to the beach with everyone in the video. And I was especially glad my life was slowly getting back to normal.

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