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Part 85

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*2 days later*

Lexi stayed at the hotel with me the whole time, we just talked these three days and it helped me a lot just talking. She suggested I go back home. I decided it was time. I was ready. I'm not getting back together with Austin. There's no point of getting back into a relationship and two days later he's leaving for tour for like seven months. So yeah. I wasn't planning on talking about everything either. Lexi and I decided I just needed to be friendly but nothing else don't let him talk too much to me or get the wrong idea. Right now Lexi and I were driving the few blocks home.

''We're here. Ya ready to do this?'' She says happily. No mater what she's always happy which really helps me in these situations. I let out a deep breath.

''Ready as ever.'' I say grabbing mu bag and getting out of the car. She comes over and grabs my hand and squeezes it and we walk in the door. She let go of my hand and I take a breath. Here goes nothing.

''Just come with me.'' She says. We go in the living room to see everyone watching a movie.

''Hey we're back, we'll be upstairs.'' Lexi says sweetly.

''Hey girls! How are you honey?'' Michele asks hugging me.

''I'm fine.'' I say and smile.

''Good let me know if you need to talk I'm here. I understand.'' She says smiling a me.

''Thanks Michele!'' I say.

''Kaylaaaa!'' Alex yells jumping off the couch and running over to me. He comes and gives me a bone crushing hug.

''Can't breathe Alex.'' I say laughing. He let go and looks at me.

''Sorry Kay, I missed you!'' He says.

''Austin's been a mess.'' He whispers.

''Well so have I but I've stayed strong and I'm slowly moving on.'' I say strongly and smile.

''What?'' He says shocked.

''I still love him Alex but there's no point now he's going on tour.'' I say and I know Austin was sitting on the couch watching us and listening on.

''Hey Kay guess who wants to hang out?!'' Lexi sings as she comes down the stairs.

''Who?!'' I said excitedly.

''Our boys Nash and Cameron!'' She says excitedly. I jump up happily and jump into her arms.

''Yes party!!'' I yell running up the stairs.

''Wow she got over you quickly man.'' Alex says loud enough for me to hear.

''Shut up!'' Austin says madly and gets up. I peek over the rail.

''ALex!'' I yell at him angrily.

''What?'' He says innocently.

''Do you not remember what I just told you!'' I say angrily.

''Yeah...'' He says.

''So... don't be rude! You lied!'' I say. Austin's now coming up the stairs.

''Okay well bye stop causing trouble Alex!'' I say and walk into Austin and my room to get clothes. I'm in the closet deciding what to wear when Austin walks in.

''Hi.'' I say awkwardly.

''I'm sorry.'' He says.

''A little too late for that.'' I say. He looks down sadly.

''But just know I haven't moved on like Alex said. I probably never will. But we can't do this right now.'' I say seriously.

''Okay umm see you around a guess.'' He says sadly and awkwardly walks out.

''Okay bye.'' I say as he leaves. I pick out an outfit and grab some little boots and walk out to see Austin on our bed crying. It broke my heart.I decided to be nice so I sit by him and rub his back.

''Austin I hope you understand where I'm coming from...'' I start but he cuts me off.

''Yeah Kayla obviously you don't love me I see.''

''Austin you don't understand I love you so much! You're the only person I've ever fallen in love with. I just don't think it's worth getting back together when you're leaving.'' I say.

''It's fine whatever can you please go Kayla.'' He says.

''I guess, I'm sorry.'' I say sadly and walk out. I then go to Lexi's room.

''God Lexi I'm such a screw up!'' I say walking into her room crying. I throw the clothes on her bedt and sit in the corner and curl up in a ball.

''Kayla you're not! Everything will be okay but c'mon we've got ourselves a date!'' She says excitedly.

''Can we go tomorrow instead I'm not ready to do this?'' I ask.

''Sure I'll text them!'' She says.

''I'm gonna go downstairs and get ice cream.'' I say walk out wiping out my tears. I almost bump into Austin who was right outside the door.

''Were you listening to us?'' I say getting mad.

''N-no. Yeah I was.'' He says quickly.

''Stop Austin you're just making it worse for yourself.'' I say and go to the kitchen. I hear him sigh and curse under his breath.

''I really need to talk some sense back into that boy!'' Michele says making dinner as I walk into the kitchen.

''No it's both of us I guess.'' I say sadly opening the freezer. I find chocolate ice cream and grab it.

''You really do love him.'' She says.

''Yeah more than words can describe.'' I say. I grab a spoon and sit at the counter.

''He'll come around.'' She says.

''It's not just that though. Like to me there's no point rushing back into our relationship and then he's gonna leave. We need to take it slow but it doesn't help that he's going on tour so I think we should wait.'' I say.

''Yeah I understand.'' She says.

''I hope he doesn't find someone new.'' I say.

''Well we'll just have to make Alex keep a close eye on him.'' She says.

''Hey mom I'm going out.'' Austin says walking in. Something told me he heard that whole conversation too but he didn't want to interrupt.

''Okay what are you doing?'' She asks.

''Having dinner with someone.'' He says. I choke on my ice cream, tears threatening to start pouring out. Michele looks at me sympathetically.

''Who's someone?'' She asks.

''Mom I'm almost 18 it doesn't matter!'' He yells

''Almost, not yet and I think we deserve to know where you're going!'' She says angrily getting a little laugh out of me. Austin glares at me.

''Well I'm going upstairs to text Nash! Have fun on your date!'' I say and smirk. This was it. It's war now Austin. You blew your chance again. No more chance for you. I'm gonna move on whether you like it or not.

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