Part 62

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''Okay you two need to talk now!'' Alex said. He had us sitting down next to eachother on the couch.

''Fine!'' I said and explained Austin that it was my ex Mason and I was trying to get him to back off but he wouldn't.

''How am I supposed to believe you?'' Austin asked.

''I don't know honestly okay? But somehow Alex did so I'm sure you can too.'' I said sadly.

''I want to but I just can't.'' He said.

''Whatever but I'm going home we need a break Austin. You've put me through so much pain I just can't do this.'' I said.

''You two love each other so much though!'' Alex said.

''Thanks Alex but you're not our couple counselor.'' I said getting up to go pack and change. And they let me.

I walked out now in jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie. I didn't want people thinking I was too depressed. I walked out wheeling my suitcase.

''Please don't go.'' Austin said grabbing my hand. Of course I got the feeling I always get with him.

''Austin I love you and always have and will but I need a break. I've gone through so much pain with you and I keep coming back but now I need a break. I hope you know I've had less pain with other boyfriends and I've never come back to them that's how much I love you.'' I said hugging him.

''I love you too.'' He said sadly. I then went to Alex and hugged him.

''I love you so much and I don't know what I would do without you here with us. You have helped me so much and I really thank you for it. Please help him for me.'' I said still hugging him.

''I will don't worry. Have Lexi or Todd watch Carter so you can think and have time alone you need it. I love you!'' He said kissing my cheek. I smiled at him.

''Can you guys stop!'' Austin said. I looked at him.

''What?'' I asked.

''First you let him pick out your outfit and he throws a bra at you and now you're hugging for five minutes and he kisses your cheek oh and at the airport I saw you holding hands!'' He yelled. He paused angrily then continued but quieter.

''What's going on guys?'' He asked sadly and quietly.

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