Part 126

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So now we're on a plane to Chicago. We got literally no sleep last night. We had to get up at 7 to catch out flight at 9 and Austin and I didn't feel like sleeping after we got back from the snowball fight at 5AM haha. I had an amazing time in New York though. Couldn't have asked for a better valentines day with anyone else but Austin. He's the best. No matter how much we fight my love only grows for him.

The flight was almost five hours so Austin and I decided to sleep. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he leaned his head on mine, our bodies intertwined as much as possible in the seats and we were like a light.

I woke up to someone slapping my arm.

''What the hell.'' I groaned. Sarah and Alex laughed.

''Shut up!'' I said. I opened my eyes and they were standing there laughing at me. Austin was sitll out.

''The plane landed c'mon.'' Sarah laughed. I stuck my tongue out at her and woke up Austin.

''Babe.'' I said and kissed him.

''The plane landed c'mon.'' I said. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

We got our stuff and headed to the hotel. We would only be here the night for the show then the next morning we were headed to Miami for a few days of rehearsals then Austin's first show for the Artist to Watch Tour and then we would be off again. I was excited for his tour. It was going to be fun.

*Skipping over the show in Chicago and rehearsals*

Tonight was Austin's first show of the tour. I was excited for him. He's come so far. Tonight Midnight Red and Fifth Harmony were opening for Austin. I knew Camila liked Austin so tonight would be interesring.

''Ready babe?'' I asked Austin higging him. Only a few minutes and he'd be on stage performing.

''Yeah I'm so excited, tonight's gonna be great.'' He said smiling. I smiled back and kissed him.

''I'm so proud of you. The past few years have been amazing. I never thought I'd be here with you for this. I remember just being an other Mahomie who got excited whenever you would tweet or do a Austream. It's crazy and I couldn't be happier for you.'' I said and he kissed me.

''Thanks for supporting me and being here with me. It means the world to me. I love you!'' He said and I smiled. He hugged and kissed me one more time before going on stage to perform. I sat down backstage watching him. Fifth Harmony walked offstage and sat near me.

''He looks so cute tonight.'' Camila said. That made me a little mad.

''Camila stop!'' One of the girls said.

''What? I can't help it that he's cute.'' She said and giggled. I rolled my eyes.

*After the show*

Austin came backstage and I ran into his arms.

''Amazing job tonight babe.'' I kissed him.

''Thanks Kayla.'' He said smiling. He went over 5H and started talking to them then they took pictures.

''We should hang out sometime Austin.'' Camila said. I stood there shocked.

''Yeah we should. It was great seeing you.'' He said and hugged her. Then just said goodbye to the other girls.
Hmmm not suspicious at all.

''What was that Austin?'' I asked curiously.

''What?'' He asked confused.

''Camila obviously likes you and you said you'd hang out and you hugged her and none of the other girls.'' I said.

''We're just friends don't worry babe.'' He said.

''Okay I'm sorry.'' I said.

''It's fine don't worry, you have nothing to worry about. You're the only girl I have and will ever love.'' He said and kissed my forehead.

''Wow we just got through this without fighting!'' I said and high fived him, he started laughing.

''Well I gotta go to the meet & greet don't cause trouble.'' He said winking.

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