Part 10

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''Guess what?!'' Tiffany said.

''What?!'' I said.

''Well Robert and I are kind of... uh well we're uh dating.'' She said nervously.

''That's so great!! That means you get to come on tour with us!!'' I said giving her a big hug.

''This tour's gonna be freaking cool!'' Austin said.

''You're so cute when you say that!'' I said.

''You're just cute!'' He said pecking me on the lips.

''I know!''

''You guys are just cute.'' Tiff said

''Guess who else is coming on the tour?!'' Zach said coming up.

''Let me guess you and Bella are finally dating!'' I said excitedly.

''No we're not dating!''

''Whatever!'' Austin said.

''Baby c'mon!'' Bella says coming up to Zach.

''Sure, you're not dating!'' I said rolling my eyes.

*2 weeks later*

''So how was your night last night?'' Tifanny said as I came in the kitchen.

''Oh it was good.'' I said blushing.

''Hmm sure sounds like it.'' She said.

All of a sudden I feel arms wrap around my waist and I feel that shock run through my body when he touches me.

''Hey babe!'' He whispers in my ear.

''Hey!'' I said.

''I had fun last night!'' He whispers.

''So did I but let's not talk about this now.'' I whisper back.

''Talk about what now?!'' Alex says coming in the kitchen.

''Oh did you hear it last night too?'' Tiff says disgusted.

''Hear what?'' I say.

''You know exactly what I'm talking about!'' Tiff says giving me that look. I blush and look away.

''So who wants to go get some breakfast?'' I say.

''I do! Watcha making?'' Austin says.

''Oh forgot to tell you you're making breakfast!'' I said.

''Let's just go out and eat.'' He said.

''Lazy much!'' I said and laughed.

We got ready. I curl my hair and do my makeup. I put on a little eyeliner, some gold eyeshadow and mascara. I wore an Austin shirt that was custom made for everyone in the crew on tour. It was a red tank that said team Mahomie tour 2014 and on the back of everyone's it said there last name but on mine it said Mrs Mahone. I paired it with some black high waisted shorts with studs on the pockets and some black sandals with studs.

So far the tour was a blast! We would hang out during the day and just have fun then go to rehearsals and talk with Mahomies or actually hang out with them and take them someplace fun and then at night we would watch the show backstage then go have dinner and then hang out at the hotel and then we were off to the next place! It was busy and at first tiring but after a few days I got used to it. Our relationship was great and so was everyone else's! Us couples got closer and closer and we all became really close friends and we were all famous now. It was cool! Everyone loved us and it made myself esteem raise cuz before I was really self conscious but Austin made me feel better and I got tons of compliments everyday which also helped!

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