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My name is Kayla and I'm a sophomore in high school (15 years old). I have long brown ombre hairand brown eyes. I have really tan skin which I love especially in the summer!! I play volleyball and made varsity this year! I live in Miami, FL with my mom and dad. My dad is like never home cuz he works so much but my mom is always home. But I love my mom and she's pretty cool and in the loop with things so she's normal. Hah my friends love her though which is the most important part! One of my best friends is Lexie. She's a basketball player, has long blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and just gorgeous!Bella. She's a hip hop dancer and wants to be a background dancer for famous people. She has long naturally curly dark brown hair. She's also beautiful! The thing we all have in common is we love makeup, hair, clothes and everything like that. We aren't gurly girls who wear dresses all the time, we're more the casual trendy girls! Lexie and Bella both have boyfriends and I don't. I just got outof a 3 month relationship a couple months ago cuz my boyfriend cheated on me so it's hard for me to trust guys now.Lexie's boyfriend is Jake he's super cute and nice.Bella's boyfriend, Sean, is also super cute and nice.They both play basketball and they both joined our group as friends and they always include me so it's not awkward since I'm the only single one!

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