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Part 56

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Austin left our room and slammed the door. I quickly got up to see where he went. He was heading out the door.

''Wait Austin what are you doing?'' I called to him.

''I have to go, I'll be back later.'' He said not turning around.

''Please don't go baby.'' I said snaking my arms around his waist. He tensed up.

''I just need some time I'll be back don't worry.'' He said. He barely turned to me before walking out the door. I saw his tear stained face as he left. What did I do?? I decided to call Michele.

''Hey sweetie, what's wrong it's like midnight?'' She said.

'Oh crap sorry I forgot what time it was!'' I said.

''Oh it's okay, what up?'' She said.

''Well I don't know actually, Austin and I were just talking then he got up, slammed our door and was leaving. I asked him where he was going and he just said he needed time but he would be back. Then before he closed the door he turned to me and he was crying.'' I said almost in tears.

''Well what were you guys talking about?''

''Just how he was doing and stuff and...''

I explained what the Mahomies said and that I said maybe he does deserve better.

''Well my guess is he thinks you're wrong and he's mad you can't see that.'' She said.

''You're probably right, I'll give him time to think. Thanks so much Mama I love you!''

''Love you too!'' She said and hung up. I just decided to go to bed.

I got in bed but I couldn't sleep, all I could think about was Austin.

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