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Part 76

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*At dinner*

''So do you wanna do something fun tomorrow?'' Austin asks as our food came.

''Sure! I can't wait to actually do something!'' I say and laugh.

''Well I was thinking we could hang out at the beach and then go shopping!'' He says excitedly.

''My favorite!'' I smile.

''Mine too.'' He says.

''Who could've guessed.'' I say and take a bite of food. We were at a fancy restaurant and the food was great.

''Do you want to share a desert?'' Austin asks.

''Sure!'' We got a piece of chocolate cake which is our favorite. Before I could get a bite, Austin put my fork down and fed me a bite. I giggled. He fed me another bite but this time got frosting on me.

''Babe!'' I whisper yell.

''Yes princess?'' He says smirking then eats a bite of cake.

''Come here and I'll get it off.'' He says motioning forward. He leans forward as I do and licks the frosting off. I giggle and kiss his cheek.

''Let's take this home.'' He whispers in my ear.

''Sounds good to me.'' I whisper back.

He pays the bill and we head home.

''So did you enjoy our date?'' He asks as we walk in the door.

''Yes I'm so glad you took me on a date.'' I said smiling.

''Me too.'' He says and kissed me aggressively. I kiss back and soon we are making out on the couch, me straddling him.

''Ahem.'' We stop kissing and looked over embarrassed at Alex who's standing by the stairs. I get off of Austin and sit on the couch and fix my dress quickly.

''Yeah?'' I said.

''Can I talk to you Kayla?'' He asked.

''Yeah sure. Just a sec Austin.'' I said and give him a quick peck on the lips and walked out of the room. We went upstairs to Alex's room. I went and sit on his bed and he sits in his desk chair.

''What's up?'' I asked.

''Umm well you know how Austin said the problem earlier was that he wasn't eating and he didn't go see you for a while?'' He asked.

''Well yeah.'' I said.

''He lied. Well I mean that's not a lie but the problem we were talking about was bigger.''

''Oh my god Alex what happened?'' I asked scared to find out.

Austin's POV

I decided to go upstairs and get my pajamas on and stuff. As I'm changing I hear Kayla yell ''Why didn't you tell me sooner!! This past week has been the worst week of my life why did this have to happen to?'' She yelled then I heard a crash.

''Oh shit.'' I whisper. I was about to be dead. What was I going to do now?

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