Part 47

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*2 weeks later*

We were finally moved into out condo after days of staying up late, packing, furniture shopping, stress and fights. Austin and I had been fighting a lot lately but we would quickly forgive each other because we knew it was just stress but I was still mad about it.

Our condo was nice and even though we've only been moved in for a day I'm not stressed as much and I can relax with just Carter and Austin.

Having a baby at a young age was really hard and had made our relationship difficult but it has also brought us so much closer. Part of me regrets doing you know what because we became parents but it felt so right and it made me love Austin more. I regret having a baby but when I really think about it I can't imagine my life without him, just maybe if we only waited a few years.

I regret not caring for myself when I most needed to and cutting out the most important people in my life when I most needed them but that time made me a stronger person and really helped to shape me as a person. Yes I'm not proud of it but I'm proud of what I became after that. I regret so many choices I've made in the past few years but when I really think about it I'm happy and my life couldn't be any better. I have a wonderful child, fiancé, friends and family all there for me. And the one thing I don't regret and never will is falling in love with Austin.

I miss my parents so much and I think about them nonstop everyday but I have Todd and Michele who are always there for me and I am super close with them. It's hard to say this but I'm closer with them than I was with my real parents. That's sad I know but they just understand me so well and know what I'm going through They were dumb teenagers once too.

I decided to check on Twitter and tweet since I hadn't in a while. Of corse Mahomies were asking about Carter and me and Austin, etc. I replied to a lot of them and got fangirling responses. It made me so happy knowing I just put a smile on a girl's face for just talking to them. I quickly tweeted a few things:

''I regret so many things in life but there's one thing I will never regret; falling in love with you♥''

''All the troubles and mistakes in life have made me a stronger person.''

I then checked what Austin has been tweeting

''Missing you already </3''

Hmm... maybe me? Cater? I don't know.

''I can't imagine my life without you''

''Miss you too babe!'' With a picture of Austin and another girl about our age. She's probably just a Mahomie, I thought. But I still had a bad feeling about it................

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