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Part 96

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''Kayla wake up we're here.'' Sarah said shaking me awake. I groaned. I wasn't ready for this.

''Everything will be okay.'' She said.

''I know.'' I said. I guess I won't tell Austin unless he asks about me and Nash and just pretend everything's okay even though it's not. Great plan right? It's not I know. We got our luggage and hopped in a taxi. Right now Austin was at the hotel so we were gonna go and knock on his door, he wouldn't expect us at all neither would Alex.

We got to the hotel and I was getting super nervous. I just stayed back behind everyone. We found Austin's room and we could hear him and Alex yelling inside. Not mad yelling but having fun yelling. I giggled and stood behind everyone else as Michele prepared to knock. She knocked and the room went silent. The door slowly opened. It was Austin but he was turned facing I assumed Alex then he slowly turned his head, his face lit up as he saw Michele then peeked back and saw me and his mouth dropped. I just awkwardly stood there as he looked at me. Michele was awkwardly standing there as Sarah ran in to see Alex.

''I can't do this.'' I said dropping my suitcase. I saw Austin's face change to sad. Then I ran down the hall to find a bathroom.

''Kayla!'' I heard Austin yell as he ran after me. I found a bathroom and went inside and cried. I couldn't face Austin and pretend like everything was okay when I had a boyfriend. Austin was knocking on the door and calling my name. I just ignored him. After a few minutes it stopped. I wiped my tears, cleaned up and walked out. Austin was sitting against the wall outside the bathroom. I just ignored him and walked fast to the room.

''Kayla.'' He said grabbing my arm.

''I don't want to talk right now.'' I said and kept walking. I found the door and knocked.

''They went to dinner and we're supposed to be on our way to meet them.'' Austin said from behind me.

''I don't want to go to dinner I just want to go into our room.'' I said still not turning around to face him.

''I don't have a key.'' He said. I cursed under my breath and sat against the door.

''Kayla what's wrong?'' He asked sitting next to me.

''Nothing.'' I mumbled.

''Baby obviously something's wrong, just tell me.'' He begged. I cringed when he said ''baby''.

''I don't want to talk about it right now.'' I said quietly. He hugged me and I let him. I'm so confused again.

''So do you just wanna wait till they come back?'' Austin asked.

''I guess.'' I said scooting away from Austin and out of his arms.

''Guess you're stuck with me for a while then.'' He smirked.

''I guess.'' I said quietly just staring at the wall thinking.

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