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Part 12

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''Wake up babe!'' Austin whispered in my ear. I groaned and turned over and fell asleep again.

''C'mon babe I have a surprise for you downstairs!'' He whispered again.

''It's too early!'' I complained.

''It's 10 o'clock everyone's waiting for us.'' He said kissing me.

''Fine!'' I got up and he pulled me in for a hug.

''Merry Christmas!'' I said.

''Merry Christmas!'' He whispered in my ear and began kissing me.

''C'mon everyone's wait... umm am I interrupting something?'' Robert said coming in.

''We're coming.'' I said and started down the stairs. Everyone was at the table ready to eat breakfast.

''Sorry I slept in so late!'' I said.

''It's fine! Now sit down so we can eat.'' Robert said.

I was getting super nervous cuz today was the day to tell Austin! It was getting hard to keep the secret but I somehow managed. He didn't suspect a thing! No one else did either.

''Did you make all this?!'' I asked Austin.

''Well I tried but I had a little help!''

''Well it looks delicious!''

''Good! It's just for you.'' He whispered.

On the table there was French toast, eggs, toast, cinnamon rolls, fruits, bagels, and Starbucks! The best part of all!

''So there are gonna be some big surprises today! Are y'all ready?'' Alex asked.

''I am, Austin's gonna love his surprises!'' I said nervously.

''Oh so there's more than one surprise?!'' He asked.

''Yeah. you have a problem with that?'' I said messing with him.

''No I like surprises especially from you!'' He said and gave me a kiss.


''I have some good surprises for you too!''

''I'm excited!'' I said.

''Tiff I have a great present!'' Robert said.

Tiffany and Robert were dating, Zach and Bella were dating, Jake and Lexi were dating, Sarah and Alex were dating (I know they aren't anymore but let's pretend they are :)) and of course Austin and I were dating if you had forgotten who was dating. There was a little drama between Lexi and Jake but they figured it out. It was just hard to have alone time.

''Let's go open presents!!!!!'' Zach yelled.

We all took our dishes to the sink and went into the living room.

''Hey hon! How's it going?'' Michele said as I took a seat next to her on the couch.

''I'm pretty good! How about you?'' I asked. It was hard for her having so many teenagers around! Oh by the way we were in New York! Austin had a show a couple days ago and we just decided to stay. We had gone to see our families for a week before that.

''I'm good! It gets pretty crazy around here!'' She said.

''Yeah we should have a girls day soon an just get our nails done and shop!'' I said.

''Yeah I'd like that!'' she said.

Everyone came and sat down.

''There's not enough room for me!'' Austin said pretending to be sad.

''Guess there's only one place to sit!'' He said and was about to sit on my lap before I stood up. He sat in my spot and pulled me on his lap.

''Who wants to go first?!'' Dave asked.

''I will!'' I said, I just needed to get it out of the way.

''Okay get your presents!'' Michele said.

I grabbed the small box for Austin and the bags of chocolates and gift cards I got for everyone else.

''Dave do you want to give these to everyone?'' I said handing him the bags.


''Okay just wait a second I have to tell everyone something.'' I said nervously.

''Okay what is it sweetie?'' Michele asked.

''Well you know I've been getting sick a lot lately and have been really tired?'' I asked.

''Yeah, don't tell me you're like really sick?!'' Austin said worried.

''I knew it!'' Michele said jumping up excitedly.

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